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    Welcome to Kindergarten Round-Up

    Queensbury Elementary School Kindergarten Round-Up is a screening process for evaluating a child's readiness for kindergarten. School officials are currently surveying families living in the Queensbury School District to determine the identity of any children who will be five years of age on or before December 1, 2016. These children are eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2016.
    If you have a child who is eligible, please use the following timeline/checklist to streamline the registration process to make sure you are prepared for round-up. 
    Deadline DatesParent to-do ListHow and WhyRequired at
    Feb. 1 -
    Feb. 29
    Pre-register your child

    Visit the district pre-registration webpage and complete the online process. Once children are pre-registered, an incoming kindergarten list is created. A mailing goes out to parents in April with a date/time in May for their child's round-up appointment. PLEASE NOTE:  Parents must pre-register their child in order to obtain a round-up appointment date.

    Feb. - Apr.Obtain Necessary Medical RecordsContact your pediatrician to obtain a copy of your child's immunization and physical exam records. Proof of immunizations and physical exam (within past year) MUST be presented before a child can start school. Yes

    Complete Student Health FormsThe Student Health History form and NYS Dental Health Certificate are required at round-up. Please print both documents. The health history form is completed by the parent and the dental health certificate is completed by your child's dentist. Both forms are required at round-up. Yes
     Obtain a copy of your child's birth certificateA copy of your child's birth certificate, or if not available other acceptable proof of birth (see pre-registration webpage for a list of alternatives), MUST be presented at round-up. QES staff can make a copy of an original. Yes
     Complete the Residency Verification FormThe Residency Verification form is required for all students/families - if this is your first child attending Queensbury UFSD it must be completed and brought to round-up along with required proof of residency (details on form). Yes
     Complete the Computer Access FormThe Student Computer Access form explains district policy on computer use. A signed copy is required for a student to have computer privileges at school. Please review the form and bring a completed copy to round-up. Yes
     Complete the Round-up Profile Form The Round-up Profile form provides the school with valuable information about your child. Please bring a completed copy to round-up. Yes
     Complete the Parent Portal Access Form Parents who wish to use the SchoolTool Parent Portal to view their child's attendance, grades, schedule and more, should fill out the Parent Portal Access form and bring it to round-up. If you already have an account this form is not necessary. Yes, unless parent already has an account
     Additional Documents If applicable, bring the following documents to your round-up appointment:
      - Custody papers
      - Foster Care letter
      - IEP
      - Copy of pre-school report card
     Yes, if applicable
    Apr. 1N/AA letter is sent to parents with the scheduled date and time for their round-up appointment in May.  N/A
    Apr. 21 Attend Open House An informational Open House (for parents/guardians ONLY) is held in the elementary school cafeteria, starting at 6:30 p.m.  N/A
    May 2 -
    May 13
    You and your child attend the scheduled round-up appointment. Bring all required documents/forms to this appointment. Children are scheduled in groups of three or four for a 45-minute screening with a speech and language teacher, a reading teacher and a kindergarten teacher. During this time parents meet with a school nurse and school registrar. Yes
    Aug. 15N/A A letter is sent to parents notifying them of their child's teacher.  N/A
    Aug. 15-30 N/A Kindergarten teachers send out letters of introduction and plans for a classroom Open House.  N/A
    Sept.N/AClasses begin. The first two days of school are 1/2 days for kindergarten students only. N/A
    If you have any questions about Kindergarten Round-up, or if you are unable to pre-register on-line, please contact Kristine Fitch at 824-1604 or