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    Employee Spotlight: Behind the Scenes

    Employee Spotlight: Behind the Scenes is meant to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes in Queensbury schools. It expands on the mission of the original Employee Spotlight, which in the past helped employees, parents, students and other community members develop a more personal connection with the men and women who make this a special place to learn and work.

    Behind the Scenes with a School Nurse

    • Kaitlyn Beecher sits in the school nurse's office at Queensbury Elementary School It’s much more than boo boo's and band-aids in the Queensbury Elementary School nurse’s office.

      “I think everybody expects band-aids and ice packs, but there is a lot of tender love and care here -- especially at this age,” says Kaitlyn Beecher, the newest school nurse in the Queensbury Union Free School District.

      Before taking on this role, Beecher was a labor and delivery nurse. In fact, she helped deliver some QES students. “I loved taking care of my patients and helping make a difference in their lives, but I really love it here and a lot of my babies are here!”

      That, she says, is her favorite part of her job. “The kids for sure. They make me laugh all day with the little things they say and do.”

      Beecher says her job also entails making sure everyone is healthy, staying up-to-date with immunizations and physicals, completing sight and hearing testing, administering medication to students, being prepared for any medical emergencies, and a lot of paperwork.

      “Charting,” she says. “Everything that we do and everybody that comes into our office needs to be charted.”

      “It’s mainly for the parents because that’s their sweet baby, and they want to know what’s going on with them,” she explains. “When it’s documented and [the parents] have questions, we can say, 'Yes, Johnny was in here at 12 o’clock' and ‘Yep, you’re right, he had a belly ache.’”

      She does her job because she loves it, but the smallest gestures from the little people that walk the halls make it all worth it for Beecher. “We just celebrated Nurse’s Day, and that was my first one as a school nurse,” she beams. “We got everything from plants to cards. Kiddos from kindergarten to third grade wrote us notes. We have a whole stack over there! It’s so cute. I truly felt loved on that day.”

      Next year she’ll be bringing more than just her lunch bag with her to the office. Beecher’s daughter will be starting kindergarten at QES in the fall, and she says she couldn’t be happier. “To bring her along with me next year will make all of this even better. It’s a perfect fit. I love it here.”