The school buildings, grounds and equipment are maintained for the education and recreation of the school children of the district, and no use shall be made of the buildings, grounds or equipment which would interfere or disrupt their most effective use for the benefit of the school children. All uses of school buildings and grounds shall be consistent with Section 414 of the Education Law. The use of school facilities for political and religious activities by organizations, fraternal groups, or for the private gain of any individual or group or for any commercial purpose shall be forbidden.

Application Procedure

  1. Queensbury Union Free School District uses ML Schedules, an online request system, for all facility requests. ML Schedules can be accessed through the district’s website.
  2. Under ordinary circumstances, online approval of the application will be required for the use of school facilities. However, in extreme emergencies, the Building Principal may grant permission for meetings within the established rules and regulations and with immediate follow-up notice to the Assistant Superintendent for Business.
  3. Cancellations by the applicant shall be made at least 24 hours in advance of the use of school facilities. Any costs incurred by the district due to the cancellation will be billed to the applicant, except for emergencies.
  4. The Board of Education delegates the right to review and revoke permits to the Assistant Superintendent for Business. The applicant shall agree not to seek reimbursement from the district or any of its constituent groups for any loss sustained because the district found it necessary to withdraw permission for use of premises. Under no circumstances shall permits for the use of buildings or facilities be transferable.
  5. School facilities may be used by non-school organizations for meetings and athletic purposes. Each group must have a leader or instructor who is at least 21 years of age. Non-school groups shall not be furnished district supplies, materials or equipment unless special approval is granted.
  6. The allocation of the use of school facilities shall be made on the following priority basis:
    1. school-connected organizations and activities (PTSA, regular school programs, QPAC and Booster Club);
    2. adult education and Queensbury Recreation programs;
    3. youth activities (such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Little League, etc);
    4. community organizations in which district residents compose a majority (such as Adirondack Flyers, etc.); and e. non-community organizations.
  7. Applicants shall be advised of the district’s energy saving program which involves turning down the thermostat during the winter and the need to advise activity participants to dress appropriately.

Rules Governing the Use of School Facilities

  1. There shall be no use, possession, sale or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances as defined in Board Policy5440, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, of intoxicating beverages at any time in the school buildings or on school property. There shall be no smoking anywhere on school grounds. No food shall be taken into the auditorium.
  2. Responsibility for order and safety must be assured by the applicant. The district reserves the right to require an applicant to hire police protection or provide for other assurances of adequate supervision before an activity takes place.
  3. Applicants must have a leader or instructor who is at least 21 years of age. Children’s activities must be under strict supervision of one adult sponsor for every 25 participants or fraction thereof at all times. An adult supervisor must be someone who is certified in first aid and meets all coaching requirements for any athletic activity.
  4. When a gym is used for an athletic activity, a Principal, teacher or custodian shall assume responsibility for the group and the building. All participants must wear clean sneakers or soft-soled gym shoes to protect the gymnasium floors. The size of the group shall not be under ten unless special permission is given because of the cost of keeping school facilities open.
  5. The supervising custodian on duty shall represent the Board of Education and he/she will be responsible for the rules and regulations contained in this regulation and its accompanying policy. Applicants will cooperate with the custodian. Any custodian on duty for the performance of any duties above and beyond his/her regular work load will submit his/her hours worked and he/she will be paid at the overtime rate, which, along with fringe benefits, will be charged to the applicant. The normal services of the custodian shall include setting up for a meeting place and clean-up after the activity. If additional custodial help is needed, the normal hourly rate will be charged.
  6. Only authorized, district-trained personnel shall operate kitchen equipment. If special kitchen service is required, the normal hourly rate will be charged.
  7. Only authorized personnel shall operate stage, sound, and projection equipment. If a member of the professional staff is required to be present, he/she shall be paid at the negotiated rate.
  8. Payment for the use of school facilities, including any applicable service charges, shall be made to the Business Office within 30 days of the receipt of the district bill.
  9. Any damage to or misuse of school property, supplies or materials shall be appropriately reimbursed by the organization using same. The individual who signs the application form as the representative of the organization using school facilities will be held responsible for any breakage or damage to equipment, buildings or grounds reasonably attributed to the use of the school facilities during the time period listed in the application.
  10. Applicants shall be restricted to the space and equipment requested and approved. The space used shall be vacated no later than 11 p.m. on week nights and no later than midnight on Saturdays, unless a specific exception is granted in the permit. Use of the school buildings on Sunday is discouraged. Applicants seeking long term usage of school facilities may be given a limited period of time in order to allow other organizations to have use of the facilities on a rotated basis.
  11. Any organized, non-school affiliated group using school facilities shall be required to present evidence of liability insurance covering all exposures generated by the group’s activities on district premises, including products liability, with the district named as an additional insured, with at least a $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage liability. If the group’s activities involve commercial entities, they shall be required to present evidence of workers’ compensation insurance, general and automobile liability insurance with at least a $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage insurance covering all exposures generated by the activities of the entity on school premises, including products liability, with the district and the group as additional insured parties. Permission to use school buildings, facilities and grounds shall be subject to the district’s acceptance of the evidence of insurance. Applicants should submit such evidence as early as possible to avoid the disruption, postponement or cancellation of their activities.
  12. No flags, other than that of the national, state or United Nations, will be displayed at any time on school property or within buildings, except with the written permission of the Superintendent.
  13. In case of an emergency, all buildings will be available to the American Red Cross.
  14. All individuals shall act in a manner consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, as well as all policies, regulations and/or rules of the school district including policy 5300.65, Public Conduct on School Property.

Uses Encouraged for District Residents

In accordance with state Education Law, the following uses of school buildings and grounds are acceptable:

  1. for instruction in any “branch of education, learning or the arts;”
  2. for “social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainments, and other uses pertaining to the welfare of the community;”
  3. as polling places for holding primaries and elections and for the registration of voters;
  4. for “civic forums and community centers;”
  5. for graduation exercises held by not-for-profit elementary and secondary schools, provided that no religious service is performed; and
  6. to provide child care services during non-school hours, provided that the cost of such care shall not be a school district charge but shall be paid by the person responsible for the support of such child; the local social services district as authorized by law; or any other public or private voluntary source.

Prohibited Uses of School Buildings and Property

State Education Law and the New York State Constitution specifically prohibit the following uses of school buildings and property:

  1. for any purpose that will in any way interfere with the use of school buildings, grounds, or other school property by the school;
  2. by any person or profit-making organization for personal or private gain, financial or otherwise;
  3. for holding a social, civic or recreational meeting or other use pertaining to the welfare of the community, unless such meeting, entertainment or use shall be non-exclusive and open to the general public;
  4. for a meeting, entertainment, or occasion where admission fees are charged, unless the proceeds thereof are to be expended for an educational or charitable purpose approved by the Board; and/or
  5. for a meeting, entertainment or occasion where admission fees are charged, if such meeting, entertainment or occasions under the exclusive control and the proceeds are to be applied for the benefit of a society, association, or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society or organization, other than any organization of veterans or of volunteer firemen or volunteer ambulance services;
  6. Meetings sponsored by political organizations, unless authorized by district voters.

In addition, due to possible injury or damage, the following uses are prohibited without prior approval from a school administrator:

  1. remote control airplanes or helicopters
  2. rockets

Use of School Facilities by School Personnel

Any use of school facilities for school-related activities will be scheduled through the Principal. Any other use outside the regular school week will be scheduled through the Superintendent of Schools.

Recognized collective bargaining units may use school facilities to conduct meetings as specified in the collective bargaining agreement(s).

No students are allowed in a school building unless appropriate school personnel is on duty. Scheduling in advance will ensure that the space requested is available and not given to outside groups.

Pool Rules and Regulations

Each group shall make a daily record of all who enter the pool and related facilities and shall make such records available to the Business Office upon request.

  1. Applicants will be required to provide a life guard certified by the American Red Cross as a Senior Life Saver for every25 people in the pool area.
  2. Arrangements shall be made by the applicant for the life guard(s) to be on duty and identifiable.
  3. Arrangements shall be made by the applicant for a responsible adult to be in the pool area during the activity. In some cases, the responsible adult and the life guard may be the same person.
  4. The responsible adult shall make certain that all pool and locker room rules are followed.
  5. All applicants shall provide their own towels, bathing suits in good condition, and caps. Cut-off trousers may not be worn and bathing caps will be worn by all persons with long hair.
  6. The pool area and the locker rooms will be left, as nearly as possible, in the same condition as they were found.

Adoption date: August 12, 1996

Revised: October 10, 2000

Revised:  October 13, 2009

Reviewed: June 8, 2015