2021-22 Reopening Plan

The chief priorities for the 2021-22 school year

  • Bring students back to school, in-person, at 100% capacity
  • Safely maintain in-person learning for all students
  • Maintain the offering of co-curriculars, extracurricular activities, and athletics for students

Unless a mandatory quarantine is issued by Warren County Public Health Services, there will be no remote learning option for students. In consultation with the QUFSD school physician, Dr. Kyle Leonard, the following health and safety protocols will be implemented beginning Sept. 9, 2021, the first day of school for grades K-12. 

Please note: this reopening plan is a fluid document subject to change based on Warren County’s COVID-19 community transmission rate. 

Health/Safety Protocols and Expectations


  • Universal Indoor Masking:  All students and staff will be masked while inside, regardless of their vaccination status as recommended by CDC 
  • No masks will be required outside for anyone


  • All students are expected to attend school in-class every day 
  • Remote plans will be in place only if a student is mandated to quarantine by Warren County Public Health Services.  Quarantined students at the 6-12 level will be sent a Google Meet link while they are out.  K-5 teachers will work with students and families to go over their process.  


  • As per the federal mandate, passengers and drivers must wear a mask entering the school bus and on school buses, regardless of vaccination status 
  • Two students in a seat
  • Windows/vents open to the extent possible
  • Families who are able to provide transportation to and/or from school are encouraged to do so to reduce the population on buses


  • Students can be unmasked while eating 3 feet apart; students must immediately re-mask when they are finished eating 
  • Assigned seating K-8

    Use of school facilities

    •  Outdoor use of facilities is strongly encouraged for all classes
      • 6-12 lunch procedures outside when possible
    • Outdoor use of facilities by outside groups will be permitted
    • Each indoor application for facility usage will be reviewed and go over with COVID-19 compliance protocols


    • All athletes and spectators are expected to wear a mask inside the buildings
    • No masks will be required outside for anyone
    • All spectators outside will be expected to space out at any events that are taking place

    Parent visitation  

    • All parents will be allowed into the school buildings, but parents must be masked

    COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies 

    Health Screenings

    • All staff will be required to self-screen themselves before they enter their respective workspace.  If they have any symptoms then they are not to report to work. 
    • All students – No electronic screening required, but please verbally screen your child for any symptoms.  If students have any symptoms then they should not report to school.   
    • Sandwich board signs will be at every entrance reminding our staff and students to screen themselves before entering the building.

    Vaccination and COVID-19 testing

    *Updated Sept. 7, 2021:

    • Faculty/Staff: All faculty and staff are mandated to provide proof of vaccination to the District by Sept. 8, 2021. Those who do not provide their vaccination cards/status will be considered non-vaccinated and the district will require a weekly COVID test be returned to the district to be able to report to work. 
    • Students: As of Sept. 2, schools in New York State are required to offer voluntary COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated students with consent from parents.

    Daily Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures and Protocols

    The district will continue regular cleaning and disinfection daily or more frequently, as needed, along with frequent cleaning and disinfection of shared objects and surfaces as well as high transit areas, such as restrooms and common areas.

    • Bathrooms: ongoing upgrades to touchless sinks, toilets (flushometers), soap and paper towel dispensers throughout the district.
    • Water fountains: Ongoing installation of bottle filling stations throughout campus. Students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles from home.
    • Filtration/Ventilation: ensure maximum outside air is utilized in all HVAC equipment by monitoring the EMS system for outside damper positions when appropriate. The district is currently looking into rebalancing our HVAC systems where applicable to accept MERV filters. In the meantime, we are currently replacing district-wide filters more frequently.
    • Classrooms will be disinfected as necessary.
    • High volume touchpoints will be disinfected frequently throughout the day as well as each night
    • Primary products used: EPA approved disinfectants, disinfecting mist/fogger, disinfecting sprays & surface wipes.
    • Use of hand sanitizer and the practice of good hygiene will be taught/encouraged.
    • All staff will have access to PPE.

    Testing Protocols

    In an effort to mitigate potential cases of COVID-19, QUFSD intends to implement the following protocols for the testing of symptomatic students:

    • Students or staff members who become symptomatic will be sent to the nurse’s office for an evaluation.
    • At any point in time, testing protocols could be put into place for athletics and/or students with the consent of the parents.

    2021-22 QUFSD Nurses COVID-19 Protocols 

    Nurses will send home a student/staff member and require them to seek out a PCR when the student/staff member exhibits any of the following symptoms:

    • Fever over 100.0
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • Loss of smell or taste

    Contact Tracing

    The District will continue to collaborate with state and local health departments, to the extent allowable by privacy laws and other applicable laws, to confidentially provide information about people diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19. This allows identifying which students, teachers, and staff with positive COVID-19 test results should isolate, and which close contacts should quarantine.