31 Queensbury High School artworks chosen as finalists in The Hyde Collection 2022 High School Juried Show

From May 7, 2022 through May 29th, 2022, the 31st annual High School Juried Show will be exhibited at The Hyde, a historic house and museum in Glens Falls, NY. 

The Hyde Collection is known for its beautiful, world-class art exhibitions in the Adirondacks, and each year they showcase the artistic talent of young artists from Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Hamilton, and Essex counties in their annual High School Juried Show. The submissions contain diverse art in a variety of styles and mediums including photography, drawing, painting, digital illustration, mixed-media, jewelry, sculpture, and ceramics. 

According to the Hyde website, this year there were 443 submissions from 182 students representing 13 schools. 

The following list of Queensbury students and their submissions were chosen as finalists out of the 443 submissions. 

Hunter Affinito                The Men in the Mirror

Nevaeh Arena                   Fair

Nevaeh Arena                   Light Painting

Nevaeh Arena                   Tanner

Claire Bardin                      Dusk

Elsie Breen                          Winter Water Fall

Bella Brown                         Doll Dentist

Kaitlyn Burger                   Masking

Kaitlyn Burger                   Wooden Pineapple

Arianna Crowd                  Peeking

Kirsten Dingman             Anguish

Allie Johnston                   Lennie

Thomas Kenny                 Cracked Reflection

Lauren Linehan                RAT

Lauren Linehan                Little Nightmares

Avery Magee                     Qnited

Jack Mahaney                   Collided

Kyla McByrne                    Screw

Kyla McByrne                    Beauty in a Dark Space

Kyla McByrne                    Sticky Situation

Kayrena Meyers               Pandemic Moments

Kayrena Meyers               Tiger Lily

Brook Stehle                     Men at Work

Emma Sullivan                  Going Down Like Dominos

Ryan Tuomela                   Pencil

Sarah Turcotte                  Dots from the Sky

Ryan Tuomela                   Ryan

Milo Tvdik                           Banana Toast

Ryan Tuomela                 The Donut Painting

Milo Tvdik                           Bleached Coral Reef

Milo Tvdik                           Diptych of Floral Vases

The Student Opening and Award Ceremony is May 7, from 1PM-4PM. Participating students and their guests receive free admission. Seating at the award ceremony is first come first serve.