• Trevor Perkins
    Class of 2013

    What are your post-graduate plans?
    "I will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, and I'll be studying Aerospace Engineering.

    I hope to become a member of various clubs and sports, but not sure what they might be at the moment."

    What are your career goals?
    "I have always been fascinated with space exploration and the idea of how vast space actually is, so I hope to become a member of a company or team that works towards further exploration and possible settlement of space."

    How have your experiences at Queensbury shaped your goals/dreams?
    "Various courses offered at the school have helped guide or reaffirm my aspirations to become and aerospace engineer. The STEM classes available helped me discover the basis for my desire to enter the field, and other classes such as CAD (computer aided design) have helped me use tools that I will use in my field of study and have reaffirmed my desired course of study through direct interactions. Additionally, the AP classes available and the level of material covered have helped me prepare for college and the studies that are ahead of me. I will definitely miss the environment and the people in the school. Over the years I have developed numerous friendships in the building, with students and faculty, and all will be dearly missed. The quirky conversations, inside jokes, and amiable and comfortable environment that QHS has to offer has certainly set the standards high for any future educational environment I will encounter." 

    Thinking toward the future, where do you want to be in 10 years?
    "In 10 years I hope to be settled down and working for a private company associated with either space travel, exploration, or some sort of space development/discovery. I also hope to have my student loans paid off, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there." 

    What advice would you offer to next year's senior class?
    "I would advise them to enjoy their senior year the best they can, because it goes way too fast. With that, I don't mean slack off and enjoy in the highest levels of "senioritis," but definitely have a balance with work and fun. Also, I would suggest they start applying for scholarships and never stop, because college is expensive but you don't really understand the importance of it until you have to apply for loans, in which cases it's too late for the majority of scholarships."