• Kendall Grace
    Class of 2014
    National Honor Society Historian

    Grace What are your post-graduate plans?
    "I will be attending the University of Delaware and studying International Business. Outside of the classroom, I will be skating on the UDel Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team and also spending a year abroad in Europe."
    What are your career goals?
    "I hope to travel to third world countries and find new innovative ways to stimulate their economy.  It is important for me to continue giving back, and this career path will help me do that."
    How have your experiences at Queensbury shaped your goals/dreams?
    "Participating in the Latin American Studies class with Mr. Anderson further sparked my interest in studying International Business and maybe even International Relations.  In addition, being a part of National Honor Society made me realize how important community service is and how I want to continue it for the rest of my life. I will miss some of the amazing teachers who helped me not only academically but on a personal level as well." 
    Thinking toward the future, where do you want to be in 10 years?
    "I would like to be traveling the world and exploring new cultures." 
    What advice would you offer to next year's senior class?
    "High School does not define you so don't spend time trying to fit in; the most successful people are the ones who are brave enough to be different."