• Delaney Silvernell
    Class of 2014

    Silvernell What are your post-graduate plans?
    "I will be attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. as a Professional Music major with a concentration in Vocal Performance. I hope to become involved with musical theater at Berklee, as well as their numerous musical ensemble groups!"
    What are your career goals?
    "I intend to pursue a career in the music industry. Ideally, I would like to perform, but with all of the options within the industry, my career choice will depend on the opportunities presented to me throughout my life time."
    How have your experiences at Queensbury shaped your goals/dreams?
    "The access to classes and extra-curricular musical activities helped to create a foundation that I could launch from to further my studies. I will definitely miss my close friends, but I am ready to move on to college." 
    Thinking toward the future, where do you want to be in 10 years?
    "I hope to have a steady career within the next ten years, but I really just want to be happy above anything else. I want to make choices in my life that will serve me as a growing individual, instead of spending time doing things because I feel like I should. I don't know where that will perspective will lead me 10 years from now, but these next few years in college will definitely be a pivotal point in my growth as a person, and I am looking forward to that change." 
    What advice would you offer to next year's senior class?
    "Be yourself, and be happy with who you are. How you see yourself is so much more important than how others see you. Make decisions that you believe are the best for you as person, not decisions that accommodate what other people want for you. And make mistakes. Now is the time to do so. But as important as it is to make your own mistakes to learn from, don't be careless. Making mistakes will help you grow, but carelessness will only hurt the fulfillment of your potential. This is the time of your life that will be pivotal in your growth as everything around you continues to change. And even though so much change is absolutely terrifying, you have to find joy in the fact that this is it; this is your life, and it's happening right now."