• Aidan Switzer
    Class of 2014
    Class Secretary

    Switzer What are your post-graduate plans?
    "I am entering the U.S. Naval Academy to study engineering. I also plan to join the crew team."
    What are your career goals?
    "My goal is to be an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. I am inspired by the opportunity to serve my country."
    How have your experiences at Queensbury shaped your goals/dreams?
    "My experiences in the classroom have fueled my interest in Math and Science. Participating in athletics reinforced the importance of teamwork, leadership, and a healthy, active lifestyle. I will definitely miss the friendly atmosphere." 
    Thinking toward the future, where do you want to be in 10 years?
    "An officer in the Navy or Marine Corp, contributing to the greater good." 
    What advice would you offer to next year's senior class?
    "Think about whatever you are passionate about, and work hard to put yourself in a position where you can realize your dreams."