Advocacy Priorities

  • WSWHE Chief School Officers' 2020 Legislative Priorities

    Fund and adjust the foundation formula

    • Review and update the foundation amount (it is currently $6,714.00 per pupil)
    • Provide a minimum increase of 2% in foundation aid to all school districts
    • Maintain the “SAVE Harmless” provision.
    • Adjust the weighting factor for free and reduced lunch from .65 to .75-.80 to reflect large increases in this population.

    Increase the $30,000 threshold on BOCES aid for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs by providing 100% aidability for the salaries of CTE teachers

    Allow districts to access the BOCES Health Safety and Risk Management Service to offset the costs and to increase the number of School Resource Officers

    Support a permanent solution to the small group health insurance issue

    Support efforts to prevent the use of e-cigarettes, including vaping

    Building aid for small capital projects

    • Increase the threshold for base year capital outlay expenses from the current amount, established in 2002 from $100,000 to $250,000 to assist districts in making critical capital improvements.