Behavioral Health Center @ Parsons: Queensbury Elementary School Satellite Clinic

  • Parents do not have to ‘go it alone’ in the quest to ensure their child’s emotional and mental well-being. Find a supportive partner for your journey at the Behavioral Health Center @ Parsons, which provides high quality, convenient behavioral health services in Queensbury Union Free School District.
    A student’s behavior, through thoughts, words and actions, plays an important role in his or her academic success.
    The Behavioral Health Center works with students and their families as well as educators, administrators, counselors, psychologists and social workers to assess behavioral health challenges and to develop a treatment plan. That plan may involve any number of appropriate interventions such as individual and family therapy, community resource connections or psychiatric and medication services. The result is less student learning time lost to dealing with behavior issues.
  • Who can receive services?

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    Any student who attends school in Queensbury Union Free School District may be able eligible to use the Behavioral Health Center.

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  • What services are available?

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    • Individual counseling
    • Family counseling for identified students
    • Behavioral support in school and at home
    • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management

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  • Who pays for those services?

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    The cost of services for individual students and their families is typically covered by a family's insurance provider or by Medicaid. Those with no health insurance may pay for the services on a sliding scale based on family income.

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  • How can parents secure services for their child?

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    A school staff member such as a principal, guidance counselor or social worker must submit a referral form in order for a student to be considered for the Behavioral Health Center. Contact your child’s principal or guidance counselor to learn more.

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  • Where is the center located?

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    The Behavioral Health Center is an outpatient clinic located within Queensbury Elementary School, in the same hallway as the Student Support Services office. Student assessments and interventions take place on the Queensbury schools campus, but some students’ individualized plans may include a home visit.

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  • Cover of Behavioral Health Center brochure
  • Behavioral Health Center
    @ Parsons
    Queensbury Elementary School Satellite Clinic
    431 Aviation Rd.
    Queensbury, NY  12804 
    Open when school is in session and year round by appointment
    Sherrie Moses
    Director for Student Support Services
    (518) 824-5694