Identity Standards & Logo Use Guide

  • Queensbury Union Free School District recognizes that the district’s name, logo and logo marks, when used as prescribed, are an invaluable asset to the district and the greater Queensbury community. Along with the district mission statement, they are essential in establishing the Queensbury schools brand. That brand inspires unity and pride among students, staff members and the community.
    The Identity Standards & Logo Use Guide (PDF) tells how the district’s name, logo and logo marks are to be used. Please contact the Communications Office with questions regarding compliance with this guide. 
    Consistency and quality are the keys to creating a strong brand asset for the school district and surrounding community. All staff and students are required to abide by this guide. Outside groups that are affiliated with Queensbury schools (PTSA, PTA, PTSO, QCSA, boosters, etc.), should abide by this guide when selling merchandise or purchasing items that use or refer to the Queensbury Union Free School District or any of its component parts (schools, sports teams, clubs, etc.).
    The district logo and logo marks are the property of the Queensbury Union Free School District. This artwork is solely intended for the promotion of the district and Queensbury community. Distortions, alterations or use of this artwork in ways contrary to the standards put forth in this manual are prohibited.
  • Spartan logo marks are available for download in zipped folders based on a specified file type. Allowable usage for all logo marks is outlined in the Identity Standards & Logo Use Guide.