Extended Care Plan

  • The Spartan TecKnow 1:1 technology initiative provides students in grades 5-12 with regular, equitable access to digital learning tools in school and at home. Students receive a Chromebook at the start of every school year and are expected to bring them to school every day.

    Chromebook Incident Fees
    There is no fee to receive a district-issued Chromebook because it is expected to be an essential part of a student’s daily educational experience. However, students are responsible if their assigned Chromebooks are damaged, lost or stolen – the same policy as for textbooks – in which case incident fees range on a sliding scale from $30 for a first incident up to $250 for a full replacement.

    Extended Care Plan: Avoid Incident Fees
    Students can avoid fees for covered incidents (see chart at left) by purchasing an optional “extended care” plan from the school district.

    For a $25 annual enrollment fee, an extended care plan covers up to two accidental damage claims per school year. After two claims, any additional claims will be charged as follows:

    • Damage claims beyond the second incident: $30 per incident
    • Loss/destruction of Chromebook: $250
    • Loss of charger: $35

    If a student purchases the extended care plan for an assigned Chromebook and files no claims within a school year, the initial $25 payment for the annual enrollment fee will be automatically applied to the next school year.

    It will continue to rollover to subsequent years as long as no claims are filed for that specific Chromebook.
    The extended care plan cannot be rolled over to apply to any other Chromebook.

    Purchase an Extended Care Plan
    To purchase an extended care plan, log into your student’s MySchoolBucks account at www.MySchoolBucks.com. Then click on the icon for “Chromebook TecKnow Extended Care” and follow the screen prompts.

    If you do not have a MySchoolBucks account, visit www.MySchoolBucks.com and click “sign up today” to create one. Then follow the instructions to log in. To add a student, you need the school, name and student ID number.

    Purchase an Extended Care Plan: Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. After logging into MySchoolBucks, you will be given the option of adding to your child’s meal account or purchasing Chromebook Extended Care. Click on the Spartan TecKnow 1:1 icon for the Chromebook TecKnow Extended Care.

    MySchoolBucks screen capture

    2. Click the "View Details" button to see the details of the Extended Care program.

    MySchoolBucks screen capture

    3. Review the details of the program and acknowledge what is covered (and what isn’t) by typing your name in the "E-signature" field.

    Then choose the name of the child for whom you are purchasing extended care in the "Student" dropdown. (You will need to do a separate purchase for each child for whom you are purchasing extended care.) Then click the "Add to Basket" button.

    MySchoolBucks screen capture

    4. Once you have added extended care for your child, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “View Cart/Checkout” option.

    MySchoolBucks screen capture

    5. Choose either E-check or Credit Card for your payment.

    MySchoolBucks screen capture

    6. Click "Place Order” to complete your purchase of Chromebook Extended Care.


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  • What is covered?
    Students can submit extended care claims for:

    • Accidental damage
    • Theft, robbery, burglary (must be accompanied with filed police report)
    • Drops
    • Falls
    • Cracked screens
    • Liquid spills
    • Power surges

    What is not covered?
    Students cannot submit extended care claims for:

    • Loss (Chromebook or charger)
    • Intentional damage or destruction of Chromebook