Medications at School

  • Pill bottles Does your child need to take medicine during the school day?

    If so, provider and parent permission forms are needed for both prescription and over-the-counter medications. New medication permission forms are required for each new school year.

    New York state requires school districts to comply with the following guidelines regarding medications at school:

    • Parents or guardians must personally deliver all medication to the school health office unless a self-carry order form is signed by parent and physician. All controlled medications must be brought by an adult.
    • All medication must remain in properly labeled pharmacy containers or original, over-the-counter containers. If you are dividing up a single prescription for use at home and at school, please ask your pharmacist to provide a second, identically labeled container for any medications your student will take while at school.
    • A new prescription/medication form signed by the medical provider is required at the beginning of every school year.
    • The parent must sign the medication permission form.

    Medication forms are available for download on the district Health Department website or may be obtained from a school nurse's office. Physicians also may provide their own medication form.

    Please contact the school nurse's office to make any necessary special arrangements to drop off medication.