Water Testing Results: Queensbury Middle School

  • Letter Issued on Nov. 8.
    Dear parents and guardians:
    In October, Queensbury Union Free School District sent letters to all student households regarding a new law that requires public schools in New York to test all water outlets currently or potentially used for drinking or cooking purposes for lead levels. You may recall the district shared that it had begun the water testing process for all Queensbury buildings, with the assistance of a state-approved laboratory.
    The district has so far received the results for three of its school buildings: Queensbury Middle School, Queensbury Elementary School and Queensbury High School
    At the middle school, the district tested 100 water outlets and found eight sinks had lead levels above the state’s action level of 15 parts per billion. None of the eight sources above the action level are designated for drinking or cooking purposes (see chart below). At all eight handwashing sinks, there are now signs reminding users that the sinks should be used for handwashing only and not drinking. The district will retest these sinks to verify the exact source of the lead contamination so it can develop appropriate remediation plans.
    The middle school remediation plans and water testing results, along with those for all Queensbury buildings, will be posted online at www.queensburyschool.org/watertesting as they become available, in accordance with state law.
    If you have any questions about water testing at the middle school, please email reply@queensburyschool.org or call (518) 824-3610.
    Michael Brannigan, Principal
    Queensbury Middle School Water Testing Results:
    Water Sources Above the New York State Action Level of 15 ppb
     Sample Location  Analyte Results (ppb)   NYSDOH Action Level (ppb) Immediate District Response 
    1st Floor West Wing Boys Right Sink Lead 25 15 Sign posted, retesting planned
    Girls Coach Office Bath  Lead
    Sign posted, retesting planned
     Tech Wing Hall Bath Girls Lead  17  15  Sign posted, retesting planned 
    Room 121 Front Desk Sink  Lead  23 15  Sign posted, retesting planned 
    Room 216 Front Desk Sink  Lead  28 15 Sign posted, retesting planned 
    Room 123 Front Desk Sink  Lead 30 15 Sign posted, retesting planned 
     6th Grade Phys Ed Sink Lead 15  15 Sign posted, retesting planned 
     Basement Tech Break Room Lead  26  15  Sign posted, retesting planned