Graduation Requirements & Planning Your Future

  • When planning a high school program, a student should take into consideration his or her abilities, interests, goals and the various pathways to graduation that are available at Queensbury High School.

    A student’s pattern of studies should be built around the courses and subjects required for graduation, but the student should also select electives of interest that can assist him or her in working toward educational, career and personal goals.

    A high school student should:

    • Establish personal goals. Work toward setting some specific educational, career and technical, and personal objectives.
    • Evaluate personal strengths, interests, aptitudes and needs.
    • Research entrance requirements for the types of careers you may wish to pursue after high school and the education and training necessary to do so.
    • Take advantage of opportunities such as information nights, internships, college fairs, college visits and vocational resources.
    • Consult with key people to benefit from their experience. Talk with others in the community who work in your desired profession or vocational career.
    • Select coursework that will contribute most toward achieving your post-secondary goals, enrich your life and provide useful skills as an adult.

    In addition to traditional course offerings that lead to graduation and opportunities beyond, QHS also offers highly specialized and unique programs that enhance students’ career and college readiness.

    Download and use the academic planning worksheet to help plan for required courses and prioritize electives for each year. It is the student’s responsibility to consult their parents, teachers and school counselor in this process.