• The Q&A below relates to students' transportation to and from school. Click here for Q&A related to bus purchases.  

    What if my child is late or misses the bus? 
    If your child is in grades 4-12, they have the option to take the next bus in. Please call the Transportation Department to determine a pick up point and time at 824-5657. If your child is in the Elementary School you will have to transport them to school.

    Please do not pull up behind any bus and drop students off to try and catch the bus. School buses have blind spots and the driver may not see them. Students have the potential to slip and fall under the bus. 

    What is allowed and not allowed to be transported on the bus?
    Musical instruments and school projects that are small enough to fit in the child’s lap are allowed. Larger items must be transported by parents. This assures that the aisles will be kept clear in the event of an emergency.

    The following items are not allowed on the buses.  

    • Guns
    • Knives
    • Medication
    • Lighters
    • Flammable materials
    • Glass containers
    • Aerosol cans
    • Animals of any sort
    • Skate boards
    • Large athletic equipment
    • Skies, ski poles
    • Large musical instruments 

    What happens in the event of an accident?
    In the event of an accident, the Transportation Department and the Police are notified immediately to investigate. Emergency medical personnel are called if necessary and all students are checked by the school nurse. Parents are notified, if necessary. All accidents are reported to the New York State Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The bus is impounded until it can be checked by the New York State Department of Transportation and must be cleared before it can be put back into service. 

    Do buses have assigned seats?
    In some cases, yes. Seats are assigned at the discretion of the driver. 

    Are parents allowed on the buses?
    For safety reasons, no. If you need to speak with a driver, please call the Transportation Department at 824-5657 and we will take a message for the driver or make arrangements for you to talk to them. 

    Can my child ride a different bus to a different location occasionally?
    Yes. Please send a note with an explanation of why the change is needed include a name, phone number and address of the residence they will be going to. The note should be given to their teacher or main office depending on the grade level. The school office will verify bus numbers and drop off points with the Transportation Department. The student then receive a pass to ride that bus by the school office. 

    Do buses have video cameras?
    Yes. Video cameras with audio help monitor activity on the bus and also help to reinforce acceptable behavior.

    My child has left something on the bus, how do we retrieve these items?

    Parents should clearly mark all articles with their child’s name on the inside of the item. Drivers check their buses after each run. All articles are sent to the lost and found located in that students building. 

    Am I required to meet my student at the bus stop?
    It is Queensbury schools policy that Kindergarten students be met by a responsible adult unless we have prior written documentation on file that the student has permission to get off the bus. 

    Is my child required to wear a seat belt?
    No. All buses are equipped with working seat belts. Students are trained three times a year on how to operate them. While students are encouraged to wear them, it is not mandatory. 

    What if my daycare situation changes?
    If you have day care information that changes during the school year, please notify the Transportation Department by using the sitter information form found under Transportation Forms.