• Occupational Support Services

    What is Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational Therapy works with children and youth to access and be successful in the learning environment. Skills addressed may include fine motor control skills, handwriting skills, visual motor skills, organizational and sensory processing skills. Occupational Therapy professionals work closely with teachers, family members and other individuals involved in the student's academic program in order to ensure carryover of skills. Occupational Therapy services are provided either as a push in service into the classroom where the student is seen in their learning environment to work on a classroom skill or as a pull out service where the student comes down in a small group to the therapy room to work more closely on needed skills.
    What is Normal Development?
    Children's development varies. Guidelines are provided as a general way to gauge if your child is on target with specific skills or when there may be a reason to look further. Here is a link to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and some developmental guidelines to reference: Child Development - NCBDDD.


    What is needed to be a Good Writer?
    1. Good pencil grasp - a good grasp is one that the thumb, index and middle fingers pinch the pencil as seen below:
     Pencil grasp
    2. Good seated posture- feet flat, sitting tall and helper hand (nonwriting hand) on the paper as seen below:
    Girl seated at desk
    The OT Department at Queensbury uses many different techniques, strategies and protocols in order to help students be successful with handwriting. All the therapists have gone to Handwriting without Tears trainings and use many of the strategies from this program with students.

    For more information on Handwriting without Tears, please visit: 

    More about Vision...Vision plays a huge role in a child being able to be successful in school. A good resource to visit regarding vision is www.childrensvision.com/learning.htm.

    Here is a list of additional web resources that will help your child be successful and to carryover some of the practice to home:



    1. Online jigsaw puzzles with many different themes: Online Jigsaw Puzzle


    2. Highlights Hidden Pictures by levels of difficulty and different themes: Click-and-Play Hidden Pictures®

    3. Visual Motor Challenges, games (please ask your child's OT for further information about some of the terminology used regarding visual skills on this site): Eye Exercises to Improve Learning and Visual Attention

    4. Highlights Puzzlemania: Highlights Puzzlemania



    1. Link to a site with sensory and craft concoctions: All Crafts

    2. Link to sensory recipes at Earths Kids: aspx


    1. Cursive letter formation practice: Basic Handwriting for Kids - Cursive

    2. Printing Practice- proper letter formation and can write text using the mouse: Printing Practice


    1. National Geographic Kids- activities: Fun Activity Ideas for Kids -- National Geographic Kids

    2. Handwriting without Tears fine motor practice for home: HWT