• Student Access and Cloud Computing

    A major focus of the Queensbury District Technology Department has been finding ways to ensure that our students are able to access technology when they are away from school. Currently, there are two ways that our students can access files and applications when they are at home.
    Google apps icon Google Apps for Education
    All students at Queensbury have access to a full suite of applications through our Google Apps for Education account. The benefit of using Google Apps is that the applications are entirely web-based meaning students don't need to install any software on their own computers. They simply go to apps.qufsd.org and log in with their username and password. Once there, they have access to a full suite of applications including Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, GMail, and Calendar.
    Work that is completed on Google Apps is automatically saved "in the cloud" which allows students to access the files when they are in school and at home (or anywhere else they are connected to the Internet). In addition, documents and files can be easily shared with teachers and collaboration between students has never been easier to allow group work to flourish.