• Test-taking Tips

    If your child(ren) seems especially nervous about tests:
    • Offer words of encouragement, and practice stress-relieving exercises together, such as deep breathing or shoulder shrugs.
    • Try to keep your talk about tests casual and non-confrontational.
    • Meet with teachers or a guidance counselor to discuss your child's progress and activities to do at home to help prepare for tests.
    • Stay well-informed about your child's tests. Many state testing dates are listed in the district calendar, and you can call a school principal or guidance office for more information.
    • Know how different test results are used, and how they will affect your child's placement in school. Teachers, guidance counselors, and state websites like www.NYSParents.com are great information sources.
    • Let your child know that you will be proud of the test results as long as his/her best effort was put forth.
    Before important tests, make sure your child:
    • Gets a good night's sleep.
    • Eats a wholesome breakfast.
    • Dresses comfortably.
    • Arrives at school on time.
    • Has all necessary materials (e.g., pen, pencil, eraser, calculator).
    • Avoids stressful situations (such as arguments) prior to testing.