Legacy of Queensbury Schools

  • The Queensbury community helped establish a vision for the future of Queensbury schools during a two-year, multi-step educational legacy planning process. That vision will now inform the educational program and school facilities work, and ultimately, help shape students’ future success.
    The district gathered input for this vision during a legacy planning process that included:
    • Participants at the 2013 Community Education Summit Community education summits in 2015 and 2013 involving parents, students, community and industry leaders, school board members, students, administrators, district employees, retirees, and non-parent residents;
    • Discussions among small focus groups of alumni, students, administrators, faculty and support staff;
    • Legacy planning teams at each school building;
    • Online surveys and more.

    The district mission and core values also guided the legacy planning process.

    District Mission

    Empower all students to be lifelong learners, inspired to pursue their dreams and contribute to the global community.

    Core Values

    A brain map created by summit participants

    We believe that: 

    • Everyone has inherent worth.
    • People are responsible for their choices.
    • Every person is unique and has a gift or talent.
    • Valuing diversity makes the community stronger.
    • Honesty is essential for trust and integrity.
    • Community flourishes when all individuals participate and contribute.
    • Lifelong learning is essential for a meaningful life.
    • Persistence and hard work are attributes of meaningful achievement.