• Paul Amengual

    Class of 2013
    Amengual, Class of 2013 What are your post-graduate plans?
    "I am leaving tomorrow morning (June 28) to begin at the United States Air Force Academy. I would like to study aeronautical engineering while I am there.
    I have not decided for sure what extra curricular activities I would like to fit into my busy schedule at the academy, but I am considering either joining the cycling or triathlon clubs (things I am fairly familiar with) or trying something entirely new in the realm of sports. I definitely plan on participating in the soaring (glider flight) and/or skydiving program and possibly a music group if one that interests me is available and I have time. I may apply in my 3rd class year (sophomore) to be an instructor if soaring or skydiving goes well."
    What are your career goals?
    "After graduation, I want to go to flight school and become a pilot. This opportunity, besides the great education, is one of the biggest things that attracted me to the academy because I have dreamed of flying since I was very young."
    How have your experiences at Queensbury shaped your goals/dreams?
    "My experiences and my teachers at Queensbury from early on helped to show me what is possible if one is dedicated and sets high goals, as well as the consequences for taking shortcuts. They made me feel comfortable trying difficult things and inspired me to go out and participate in the community and activities outside the classroom. I will most miss the community that I found during my time on the cross country and track teams." 
    Thinking toward the future, where do you want to be in 10 years?
    "10 years from now, I will hopefully have finished flight school and will be flying as an Air Force officer. I can't say I can predict where that might take me, but I know that it will be an amazing opportunity to fulfill my dreams and serve my country." 
    What advice would you offer to next year's senior class?
    "To next year's class, I would say this: Don't pass up opportunities that you think are out of reach. You never know where they might take you, and you will only make them happen if you try. I knew that the Air Force Academy is an extremely competitive college and career, but if I had not applied because of the difficulty then I would not be where I am now, getting ready to begin this journey."