• College Planning

    Many families new to the high school experience do not always know what they should be working on to plan for high school or college. The various resources offered in this section will give students information they need to choose a college or university that best fits their goals.
    High school guidance counselors are also available to: 
    • Assist students with the college decision making process, including individual college planning appointments to help students find the college or university that is right for them
    • Counsel students regarding relevant testing (SAT, ACT, etc.) procedures and dates as well as providing practice test opportunities
    • Provide comprehensive college planning seminars for each grade level as well as seminars on topics such as college athletics, college financial aid, and transitioning to college
    • Assist with college and career exploration using Naviance Family Connection
    • Assist students and parents with all questions and concerns related to academic advising and college planning