Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation from Queensbury High School requires the fulfillment of course and examination requirements as outlined by the New York State Board of Regents. The Board of Regents now allow students to choose from among multiple pathways to meet the assessment requirements for earning a Regents or local diploma. Students have the following options for graduation pathways, which are illustrated at the bottom of this web page:  
    1. Four (4) Regents Exams required: one each in English language arts (ELA), math, science and social studies
    2. Plus one (1) additional assessment meeting any of the following assessment requirements (see p. 5 for more):
    • Math Regents Exam in a different math course
    • Science Regents Exam in a different science course
    • Social Studies Regents Exam in a different social studies course
    • Department-approved career and technical education (CTE) pathway assessment, following successful completion of an approved CTE program
    • Department-approved pathway assessment in the arts
    • Department-approved pathway assessment in a language other than English (LOTE)
    • Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS1) credential option
    Queensbury offers three possible high school diplomas—Local, Regents and Advanced Regents—with the possibility of additional accolades and, for the special education population, two commencement credentials: CDOS1 and Skills and Achievement (SACC).

    The eight-period, alternate-day block schedule requires ALL BLOCKS to be scheduled. Course selections should be discussed carefully with a high school counselor. Unless otherwise noted in the departmental course listings, a full-year course is equal to one credit toward graduation and a one-semester course earns one-half credit.
    Course Requirements
    Students must earn the following credits to graduate with one of four possible diplomas 1:
       Local  Regents  Advanced Regents
     English   4  4  4
     Social Studies  4  4  4
     Mathematics  3  3  3
     Science  3  3  3
     Art/Music  1  1  1
     Health  0.5  0.5 0.5
     Physical Education  2  2  2
     Foreign Language     1  1
     Electives     3.5  3.5 1.5
     Total Credits:   22  22  22
    Assessment Requirements
    Students must earn a minimum grade of 65 on ALL of the following Regents (see notes 2, 2b, 5):
    Regents/Local Diploma (4+1 exams)
    • English Language Arts Common Core Exam (see note 3)
    • Social Studies Exam
    • 1 Math Common Core Exam (see note 4)
    • 1 Science Exam
    • 1 additional assessment from options above
    Advanced Regents Diploma (8 exams)
    • English Language Arts Common Core Exam (see note 3)
    • Global History & Geography Exam
    • U.S. History Exam
    • Algebra Common Core, Geometry Common Core & Algebra II Common Core Exams (see note 4)
    • 2 Science Exams
    Additional Diploma Accolades
    • Honors Distinction - Students who earn an overall average of a 90 or higher on the Regents assessment requirements receive an Honors Distinction. Students who earn an overall average of a 90 or higher on all eight Regents exams needed for a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation receive an Honors Distinction.
    • Math and/or Science Seal - Students who earn an 85 or higher on three math Regents exams will earn a Math Seal. Students who earn an 85 or higher on three science Regents will earn a Science Seal (note: one of the three must be the Living Environment exam).
    • Technology Academy Seal - Students who complete a technology strand will earn a seal in either Industrial Technology, Information Technology or New Media Technology.
    • Career & Technical Education Endorsement - Students who pass the Regents assessment requirements and the certification exam for a vocational field of study receive a CTE endorsement seal.
    • 1 - Details about the CDOS diploma option are available on the New York State Education Department CDOS diploma web page and in the chart below. 
    • 2 - Examination requirements for a Local Diploma are the same as the Regents Diploma except students with disabilities have the safety net option of scoring between a 55-64 on all Regents or Common Core exams. In addition, for students with disabilities a score of 45-54 on a required Regents Exam other than English and math can be compensated with a score of 65 or above on another required Regents Exam. In all cases, students must achieve a 55 on English and math, and pass the course in which she or he earned a score of 45-54.
    • 2b - Students with disabilities have access to the Low Pass Rate Safety Net Option with Appeal, which provides students with a score of 52-54 pass rate on both the English language arts and math Regents Exams.
    • 3 - Students who enter grade 9 in 2013 and beyond must pass the Regents Exam in English language arts (Common Core). Students who entered grade 9 prior to 2013 may pass the Regents Comprehensive Examination in English or Regents Exam in ELA (Common Core).
    • 4 - Since 2013, any student regardless of grade level who begins their first commencement level course in math that culminates in a Regents Exam must be provided with math instruction aligned with the NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics and take the corresponding Common Core Regents Exam.
    • 5 - Students who have a 65 course average, but whose highest score on the corresponding Regents Exam after two attempts is below, but within, 5 points of 65 may appeal to graduate. If a student appeals one exam, with a score ranging 60-64, the student may be eligible for a Regents Diploma using this lower score. However, if a student appeals two exams, with scores ranging 60-64, the student may be eligible for a Local Diploma using this lower score. The appeals process is initiated by the parent, with the assistance of the student’s high school counselor.

The multiple pathways to graduation in a chart