Queensbury Reopening FAQ

Please review the reopening FAQ and see if your questions have been answered. If you have additional questions, please visit our contact us web page and send them to the appropriate individual.

Note: If you have a specific question about your child, please email your child’s counselor or classroom teacher.

View the Queensbury school reopening plan.

Table of contents

Learning options | Special education | Health and safety | Transportation | School schedules | Lunch/meals | Special area subjects | Athletics

Learning options

What options do families have for returning to school in the fall?
The reopening plan calls for K-6 students to attend school in-person daily and 7-12 students will have a blend of in-person and remote learning. However, those who may not feel comfortable returning to an in-person educational environment have the option for full remote learning as well, as long as they notify the district by 8 a.m. on Aug. 10. Once a family has made their decision to move to remote learning, students will be required to follow that plan for an entire marking period, which is approximately 10 weeks.

What if a family decides to send their child for in-person learning and then later decides they would like to do remote only? Is it possible to switch?
Yes, however once a student moves to remote learning, he/she will remain on remote learning until the end of the marking period. Please contact your child’s school counselor if your child is struggling during remote learning.

If a student is sick or shows symptoms can they switch to remote learning during the time that they cannot be at school so they do not fall behind?Please notify the school if your child is sick. The following guidelines apply to remote learning and absent students.

K-6: Students who are scheduled for in-person instruction should check for assignments on Google Classroom, if they are absent. They will not have access to a remote classroom as the remote classroom is taught by a different teacher.

7-12: If your child is absent on a day they are scheduled for in-person school, the parent should notify the school. If the student is able to participate remotely, they may sign on to participate remotely. Attendance is taken daily for both in-person and remote learning. The student will be marked absent when they do not report to school in-person or remotely, on their designated day.

Will the district be returning to the previous grading system or continuing a modified approach to grading?
Beginning fall 2020, grading procedures will revert to previous grading protocols. Students will no longer receive a satisfactory grade/unsatisfactory grade. Grades will be based on building grading practices.

For example:

  • Grades 6 -12 are on a 100 point grading scale
  • Grades K-5 have a 1-4 grading scale

What about ECCA and PTECH students? BOCES/Career and Technical Education students?
Students participating in BOCES/Career and Technical Education programs will follow the hybrid schedule and attend their programs in-person every other day. Additional information regarding transportation to and from campus will be shared at a later date.

Students participating in ECCA and PTECH programs will attend their programs every day. Additionally, for your information, we have provided links to BOCES and SUNY Adirondack’s reopening plans. View the WSWHE BOCES reopening plan. View the SUNY Adirondack reopening plan.

In-person (traditional) learning

What will the schedules for in-person learning look like?
K-5: Students will remain within their classroom cohorts as staff will rotate between classes. Special areas (art, library, music) will push into the classroom, or will use an outdoor setting to instruct. Physical Education will be held in the gymnasium physically distanced and/or outside. All classrooms will be physically distanced.

Grade 6: We will maintain a rotational block schedule, with physically distanced class sizes around 19, and have remote learning classrooms to supplement as needed. Student transitions may be limited to a few times daily.

7-12: We will maintain a rotational block schedule, with half of the students reporting each day for in-person instruction, and half of the students engaging in remote learning. Students report to school every other day.

What does moving around the classroom look like?
Per Warren County Public Health, as long as students are masked, movement can happen.

Class sizes

If students are in-person, how big will class sizes be?
K-5: Our class sizes are being adjusted accounting for the students who are choosing to learn remotely. At this point in time our K-5 class sizes are between 17-23.

In an elementary classroom with class sizes, how do you socially distance? If there’s not enough room to do so, will students be moved?
We have accommodated the assigned number of students in the classroom through removing any additional classroom furniture. We have assessed and addressed any classrooms that were beyond capacity by using larger spaces within the building such as music rooms and cafeteria spaces. Students will remain in the classroom cohorts throughout the day.

Remote learning 

What would a typical remote learning class day look like for K-5 students?K-5: Daily attendance is required and will be reported for our remote learning students. Students will be assigned a specific remote teacher or teachers. They will be provided with a schedule, which will include times throughout the day where students will be expected to participate in synchronous learning (all at the same time) through Google Meets with their remote teacher. The schedule will also include designated synchronous special area google meets throughout the week. At the K-5 you can expect approximately 2-3 hours of synchronous learning. Students will also be assigned asynchronous learning activities and assignments for students to work on at their own pace/time. Our remote learning teachers will work hard to embed social emotional learning and develop a strong classroom community. Students will be using the familiar platform of Google Classroom and Google Meet to connect with their classmates and teachers.

K-5 remote learning outline

Reading, writing, phonics/word study

Approximately 60 minutes of synchronous learning. Learning may be broken up into whole group and small group times throughout the day. Approximately 30 minutes of asynchronous learning.


Approximately 30 minutes of synchronous learning. Approximately 30 minutes of asynchronous learning.

Science/Social Studies

Approximately 30 minutes of synchronous learning two times a week. Approximately 15 minutes of asynchronous learning.

Special areas

Approximately 20 minutes of synchronous learning. Approximately 10 minutes of asynchronous learning.

Totals daily

Approximately 110-140 minutes of synchronous learning each day. Approximately 85 minutes of asynchronous learning.

Grades 6-8

Students learning remotely are responsible to log into each class, in which they will access live instruction. Students are following their regular schedule, logging in remotely each block, each day of the rotation.

Grades 9-12

The same guidelines will be in place for students who have chosen the full remote (remote) option. Every lesson will be accessed by the student via Google Meet. Students will be able to interact and ask questions utilizing the Google Meet “Chat” feature. Although hands-on activities will be limited with the full, remote option, students will have access to demonstrations, simulations, and observations. For lab sciences, written lab reports will still be required. Physical Education classes will utilize PLT4M to log all physical activities. Once extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics are permitted to begin, students choosing the full remote (remote) option will be allowed to participate.

Will teachers be available online for remote learning through the entire class as per student schedule or is class time limited with teacher interaction?
Remote learning will look different at the K-6 and 7-12 levels.

At the 7-12 level, students will be following their schedule, with teachers taking time to respond to their in-school learners and their remote learners.

For K-5, there will be teachers designated for our remote learners for synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

A schedule will be provided to families once the master schedule has been finalized.

For the remote learning days, will the lessons be live and interactive for students to ask questions?
Yes, lessons for our K-12 remote learners will be interactive and students will be able to ask questions.

How will you handle classes that are meant to be hands-on during remote learning? For example, a science lab?
Our teachers are working on the best ways to achieve this, specific to their discipline. We will share more information when it becomes available.

How will remote learning participate in the arts? Physical education?
At the K-5 level, students will have designated synchronous specials throughout the week for physical education, library, music and art.

Will a child who has elected remote learning be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities?

Can I see a remote learning schedule? What are the learning times? What are the synchronous expectations?
We will follow the typical school day hours. Once master schedules have been finalized we will send them to parents/guardians via SchoolMessenger. At the K-5 level students can expect to participate in synchronous learning activities for approximately 2.5-3 hours daily. They can also expect approximately 1.5 hours in asynchronous work assignments daily.

Are remote learners able to watch the lessons back at a later time?
At this time, there is not an expectation for teachers to record all their lessons. However, teachers will be using instructional tech tools that can include recording of lessons or certain activities. All class resources that can include videos of lessons will be posted to Google Classroom.

Will students still still receive response to intervention/ academic intervention services if they are remote learning?
(For K-5): Yes, students will still receive RTI services if they are learning remotely and qualify for these services.

Special education

If we use a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning, would self-contained students be able to attend in-person daily due to their particular needs?
Yes, all students within special classes will attend daily K-12.

If my students receive group services (ex: speech), how will they be implemented safely?
We are currently working on setting up related service group services within cohorts.

If close contact is required, will individuals wear gloves and face shields in addition to masks?
To ensure safety both our students and staff members, depending on the situation with the student, staff may also be using gloves, face shields and gowns, in addition to face masks.

How are 504 plans and IEPs being handled remotely?
If your child has a 504 or an IEP, we will continue to provide the services outlined on the 504 or IEP. Parents should rest assured that regardless of in-person and/or remote they will still receive services.

Will speech services still be provided and will the students and teachers be provided with the proper masks to see their mouths?
All services that are recommended on IEPs will be provided. We are in the process of ordering masks to accommodate speech and language services.

Health and safety

What if a student or staff member has a suspected or a confirmed case of COVID-19?
If a student or staff member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, the district would work with Warren County Public Health. Under their guidance, we are creating a document that will be released shortly which will outline the steps taken in the event of a suspected or confirmed case.

If a student in my child’s class has a confirmed case, does the entire class have to quarantine?
As long as masks were worn and/or appropriate distancing was maintained, students would not need to be quarantined. We will be following guidance from Warren County Public Health.

Will there be hand sanitizing stations throughout each location in the building or should students bring their own?
There will be hand sanitizer available in each classroom and throughout the buildings. We are recommending that parents add hand sanitizer to their school supply lists so students can have their own access at their own desks.

Will students be required to wear masks in their classrooms?
Students will be required to wear masks at all times, but will have scheduled ‘mask breaks’ when working independently.

Will the district provide PPE for all students and staff?
Yes. The district is committed to providing PPE for students and staff as needed.

Are face shields an option?
Face shields can be worn, as long as students/staff are wearing a mask as well. Face shields cannot be worn as a replacement for masks.

Will every child have their temperature checked before entering a school building? Will every teacher have their temperature checked before entering a school building?
In accordance with Dept. of Health guidelines, all individuals entering school district property will be required to make a daily attestation (answer three questions) regarding their exposure to COVID-19 or any symptoms they may be experiencing. In some specific cases, an employee may need to receive a negative COVID test before entering school district property.

Schools are required to conduct drills throughout the school year. What will those look like this year?
In accordance with NYSED guidance, our drills will be conducted in an orchestrated manner, ensuring proper social distancing and the wearing of masks as students and adults conduct the exercise. We will conduct the required number of drills (8 fire drills and 4 lockdown drills).

What happens if a student or staff member is subject to quarantine?
We will follow all recommendations from Warren County Public Health via our district COVID-19 liaison.

Will there be measures put in place to make sure that those who have been quarantined are healthy before returning to school?
Anyone who has been quarantined must adhere to the guidance and requirements set forth by Warren County Public Health and their medical provider in order to re-enter the school setting.

Will I be notified if a child in my child’s classroom gets the coronavirus? How soon will I know?
In accordance with tracing protocols established and performed by the Warren County Public Health Department, all persons who may have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case will be notified and further advised as to the necessary steps for ensuring their safety.

What kind of filtration upgrades will be made to the schools?
All of our building systems meet or exceed the NYS Education Department requirements and NYS building codes. When new HVAC systems are renovated, replaced or added they are designed and engineered to meet these criteria as well as ASHRAE guidance for best practices. Over the last 20 years the District has undergone numerous capital projects to improve the infrastructure of our buildings and campus.


Will the drop off/pick up locations remain the same as last year?
Please look out for a postcard in the mail with specific locations and times in the coming weeks.

What if a student forgets their mask?
The bus driver will provide a mask for any student who forgets a mask.

Will the bus driver wear a mask?
All bus drivers will wear a mask throughout the entire duration of the ride.

How will the buses be cleaned?
Safety and disinfecting will follow all guidelines provided by NYSED and the New York State Department of Health.

Will busing still be available to off-site aftercare?
Families must designate a consistent, 5 day pick up and 5 day drop off location for students. Parents can fill out the alternate site form to designate a location other than the student’s home address if they use an off site before or after care location within the district.

What if you start with one form of transportation, such as selecting the bus and then you want to change to driving the student to school, can you change?
We are encouraging parents to drive their students to school. Parents that have committed to using our buses can change to pick up at any point. New York state regulations related to COVID-19 have impacted how the school district provides transportation to multiple sites. For the 2020-21 school year, the pick up location and drop-off location must be the same location Monday through Friday. Please note, pick up and drop-off locations can be different, but need to be consistent (the same location each weekday).

Please complete the alternate site transportation form with 2020-21 alternate site information, changes of address and telephone numbers for your child(ren) so that we may update our files to provide accurate information scheduling your child’s transportation needs.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (518) 824-5660.

School schedules

Will schedules be staggered to allow for less students at arrival/dismissal?We will have multiple designated locations for students to enter and exit from to allow for a reduced number of students at any one location.

QES/WHBI/6th grade

What will the transition experience be for incoming kindergartners?
More information will be provided in the coming weeks about transition experiences for all of our K-3 students.

What will recess look like?
K-5: Students will participate in daily recess. A schedule will be created to allow classroom cohorts to access the playground while maintaining a physical distance. One classroom will be allowed on the playground at a time. Outdoor spaces will be available for additional usage.

Will grade 6 be using lockers this year? What will they do with their stuff all day?
There will be no lockers used at QMS for grades 6-8. Supply lists will be streamlined and students will bring all belongings with them if/when there are transitions. A supply list will be sent out to all families via SchoolMessenger once finalized.

Will there continue to be art, music and physical education?
K-5: Yes. Art, music, and library will be either in the classroom or at designated outdoor spaces. Physical Education classes will be physically distanced at 12-feet apart or held outside.

7th-12th grade

Will middle schoolers be moving classrooms for instruction or are they staying in one room with rotating teachers? If they aren’t moving rooms, is time being built into the schedule for the kids to move around and disengage periodically?
Students in grade 7 and 8 will transition for classes, and we are still coordinating grade 6 schedules at this time. We intend to incorporate movement, and breaks throughout the instructional day.

How will students change classes and use hallways?
Students will wear masks during all transitions and follow distinct signage for social distancing and movement throughout the building.

Will students in grades 7-12 be using lockers?
Lockers will not be used in the middle school or high school. Students will carry their belongings as they transition throughout the day.


How will students eat lunch in a manner that is safe for both students and staff?
K-5: Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classroom by mobile carts. Breakfast and lunch lines for grades 6-12 will be open and proper physical distance will be observed to ensure students pick up their meals in a safe manner and they will be consumed in a designated location.

If students are eating in the classrooms, what will be done to keep the students who have food allergies safe?
We developed classroom procedures with students with food allergies in mind. Class rosters will be utilized that denote any student allergies and specific training on allergies and an EpiPen will be provided to individuals who may be supervising the lunch block.

If we decided to keep our child home to learn remotely, can we still receive meals from the district?
If students are learning remotely, we will offer meals for pick up at the students respective school cafeteria during a designated time that will be published on the website.

Special area subjects

Music and art

How would music classes and lessons work at each level?
K-5: Classes will take place within the classroom or in outdoor learning spaces.

Grade 6: At this time, music class is scheduled to take place in the classroom.

What would art classes look like?
K-5: Classes will take place within the classroom or in outdoor learning spaces.

Grade 6: At this time, music class is scheduled to take place in the classroom.

What will physical education classes look like?
K-5: Students will be utilizing the gymnasium or outdoor spaces. Students should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers on physical education days. Students will not access locker rooms and/or changing rooms.

6-12: Physical education classes will take place in the gym and all activities will follow Dept. of Health guidelines. Students will be separated 12 feet apart when participating. Students should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers on physical education days. Students will not have access to lockers and changing rooms.


For the high school students who are doing remote learning on some days of the week or for students that are planning to do 100% remote learning, how will that affect their participation in sports?
Students participating in 100% remote learning will be allowed to participate in sports. Currently fall sports have been delayed until Sept. 21. Please check the website for up to date information regarding sports and extracurricular activities.