Nutrition/Food Services

School meals will continue to be available to all students, including those attending school in-person and those learning remotely. Meal service and option information and logistics will be communicated to staff, students and families. Appropriate meal distribution method(s) (i.e., Cafeteria [or alternate] Pick-up Model, Classroom Delivery Model, or a Hybrid Delivery Model) for meal service have been established as described below based on social distancing, physical location, student traffic, space, staffing, etc. for each school building.

For students onsite, meals will be provided while maintaining appropriate social distancing between students. Students will not need to wear face coverings when seated and eating so long as they are appropriately socially distanced by 6 feet. The district will ensure social distancing between individuals while eating in the school cafeteria. If not feasible, meals may be served in alternate areas (e.g., classrooms) or in staggered meal periods to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning and disinfection between students. The sharing of food and beverages (e.g., buffet style meals, snacks) will be prohibited, unless individuals are members of the same household. Adequate space will be reserved for students, faculty, and staff to observe social distancing while eating meals.

Meals in the K-5 schools will be delivered to classrooms following proper temperature controls where teachers will wash and sanitize desks or tables and students will wash or sanitize hands following the proper guidelines outlined by the CDC. In the middle and high school, students will come through the serving lines following proper social distancing procedures and will eat their food in designated areas with properly washed and sanitized tables in which students are practicing proper social distancing. We will continue to utilize the point of sale system and class rosters to identify students with food allergies to ensure they receive safe food. All self serve and or share tables will be eliminated and we will educate on the importance of not sharing food with peers. All other health department guidelines will be followed including but not limited to proper temperature controls of food, proper transportation and handling of food and we will also be reinforcing with students proper personal hygiene as well as remaining socially distanced at all times.

Meals offsite for virtual learners

In the event students are learning virtually, we will ensure meals are available through either a transportation drop point in the community or by pick up at the students respective school.

Mealtime safety protocols

Efforts will be made to comply with appropriate local health departments on safety protocols related to cleaning and sanitation procedures. Personal protective equipment will be provided as necessary in food service operations such as masks, gloves, physical barriers in service areas, etc.

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