Kindergarten Roundup

Queensbury children who are eligible to attend kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year must be five years of age on or before Dec. 1, 2021.

Queensbury Elementary School (QES) looks forward to working with you as your child prepares to begin his or her school journey. We recognize that success in kindergarten and throughout the elementary years is based on social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Regardless of a child’s entrance age, developmental ages and abilities vary considerably. With that in mind, each child who is preparing to enter kindergarten must go through a screening process. This gives our school staff insight on your child’s strengths and areas he or she may need support in as he or she transitions to school. Early awareness of these strengths and weaknesses helps us develop the best educational plan for your child.

Kindergarten roundup is conducted by a team of school specialists, including kindergarten teachers, reading teachers, school nurses and speech and language pathologists. During this time parents also have an opportunity to meet with our transportation department and school office staff.

Kindergarten preregistration must be completed online. We look forward to meeting you and your child in May.

Step 1:  Gather Documents

Before you begin the registration process, please gather the following documents and scan them to your device so you can upload them during the online registration process.  (Instructions on how to save documents to your device can be found at the bottom of this page)

1.  Proof of date of birth: Please provide your child’s birth certificate.
If your child’s birth certificate is unavailable one of the following can be used for identification: Passport, Military Dependent ID Card or Certified record of baptism.

2.  Proof of residency: If you own your own home: Please provide a bill or statement dated within the last 60 days with your name and home address pre-printed on it. It can be one of the following:

    • Tax bill
    • Cable bill
    • Utility bill
    • Car or Home Insurance Policy
    • Bank/Credit Union Account Statement
    • Pay Stub
    • If you are renting: Please provide a current fully signed lease which includes the landlord’s name, address and telephone number.
    • If you are moving into the district and are in the midst of purchasing property: Please provide an original signed contract to build or buy dated within 90 days, which includes buyer’s and seller’s names along with the name and address of the realtor. You will then have 30 days from your move-in date to provide a second proof of residency from above.

3.   Parent/guardian valid photo ID.  License / Passport

4.   Immunization record (to be emailed with Health Form below)

5.   Custody Papers (if applicable). Must be a signed copy.

Step 2: Download the required forms

Download the Kindergarten Registration packet here.

Complete and email forms to

(Forms included in the link above: Request for Preschool Records; Health History; Parent/Guardian Computer Access; Student Access Release & Authorization)

If applicable, please download and submit the following forms as well: 


Step 3:  Online Registration

Once you have all your documents saved to your device, click here to complete the online registration.

Important: Your registration is not complete until all the documentation and above forms have been received and the online registration has been completed. You will receive an email confirming your child is cleared through registration or requesting additional documentation if information is missing.

How to Upload Documents to Your Device

Please find instructions on how to upload documents to your Android device here. 

Please find instructions on how to upload documents to your Apple device here. 

Additional Resources:

Free and Reduced Priced Meals: Your child may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals.  Complete the free and reduced-price meals application online or contact the District Registrar for a paper application.

Home language questionnaire:  If another language is spoken in your home, please contact the District Registrar for the form.

2021 roundup timeline

Feb. 1 – April 1

By the end of April

Prior to roundup appointment

  • Parents/guardians gather all registration documentation


  • QES mails student placement letters to parents/guardians
  • Kindergarten teachers mail letters of introduction and plans for classroom open house events to parents/guardians