The Annual Professional Performance Review, or APPR, is a state-governed process that determines the standards and the process for assessing teachers’ and leaders’ effectiveness. It aims to provide standardized, objective evaluation results, which can be used to better focus professional development for teachers and principals.

APPR plan

View the Queensbury APPR plan.

APPR scores

In accordance with Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) regulations, parents and legal guardians of students may request the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each of the teachers and/or principal of the school building your child is attending for the current school year. The law does not allow and prohibits the release of any additional information about the individual teacher beyond the final rating and composite score. The following information explains your rights as parents/legal guardians and the process by which you may request teacher/principal ratings and scores.

Only parents and legal guardians may have access to the final quality rating and composite score of the student’s teacher(s) and principal. Queensbury UFSD is required by the law to take reasonable steps to insure that the person requesting the information is a parent or legal guardian of the student to whom the teacher(s) or principal is assigned. Therefore, any request must be in writing using the form described below. No verbal requests will be honored. The district may request additional verification such as a driver’s license or other photo identification to verify that the person requesting the information is the parent or legal guardian of the student. In the case of legal guardians, the district will require proof of guardianship (e.g. court order).

Once the request is approved, an appointment with a district administrator will be scheduled. At the meeting, the rating and score will be provided. The parent or guardian also will receive the required explanation regarding the rating and score to best understand them in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance.

Since all of the information needed to establish final teacher and principal ratings and composite scores is not provided until the beginning of school, the final rating and composite scores for a student’s teacher(s) and principal for a new school year shall not be accessible by parents/legal guardians until late September. Requests for the information may be made anytime on or after that date.

Please be advised that a teacher or principal may appeal their final rating and composite score. This will impact both the timing of when such information can be provided to a parent or guardian since, if an appeal is filed by the teacher or principal to the APPR rating, the rating and composite score will not be available until that appeal process has concluded.

Request a teacher/principal APPR composite score and rating

To request the APPR score of your child’s current teacher(s) and/or principal, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and complete the request form or pick one up in the main office of your child’s school.
  2. Present the completed request form (one per child) along with identification (driver’s license or other photo identification) to the principal’s secretary. If you have children in more than one building, you may submit the forms to one building secretary.
  3. The building secretary will provide the parent with a copy of the form(s).
  4. Parents will be contacted to schedule a meeting with the assistant superintendent to receive the required explanation of the APPR process and scores. At this meeting, the scores will be disclosed to the parent whose identification is on the form. Please keep in mind the following items:
    • Teachers and principals are notified when their APPR score has been requested.
    • Student assignment to a particular teacher will remain unaffected by a teacher’s APPR score and rating.
    • In the event that a parent has concerns or questions other than a teacher’s APPR score, he/she should first contact the teacher with the concern. If the concern is not resolved, then the parent should contact the building principal.