Athletics Placement Process

  1. Students must obtain parent permission.
  2. The Head Varsity Coach of each sport must collaborate with coaches from the various levels and submit the names of students participating in the APP to the Athletic Director. No student will be considered who has not been recommended by the Head Coach to the Athletic Director.
  3. The Athletic Director must approve the students wishing to go through the process. The Athletic Director will confer with M.S. Counselors and Administrators to further assess each student’s emotional, social and academic status.
  4. The student must have Form C completed by their primary physician and then approved by the District’s Medical Director.
  5. The coach needs to have a sport skill evaluation on file for the student.

Once these requirements have been met, the student can participate in the physical fitness assessment. Students must pass all but one of the standards.

If the student passes the physical fitness portion, the student is afforded a three-day tryout. If the student is selected for the higher level team, they stay. If they are not selected, they must return to modified by the fourth day.

Previous APP student

  • If there is no change in the level of play, student does not need to retake the fitness portion.
  • For a change in the level of play, student needs to meet standards for the age level.
  • Student can use the scores from previous year if they meet the standard at the new age level.