Best Buddies build friendships one brick at a time

Queensbury Middle School sixth grader Chesyca Darrah fiddled with a LEGO piece as she tried to spell out the words #BuildToGive. Girl plays with LEGOs

Chesyca and the rest of the members of Best Buddies were on a mission after school Thursday, Dec. 8, to put a new set of LEGO bricks in the hands of kids in need. 

“I wanted to help out the community,” said Chesyca, who admitted she doesn’t often play with the tiny toys.

Best Buddies is an international organization that promotes inclusion and one-on-one friendships. For a second year, the Best Buddies are making LEGO creations, which they will post on social media under the hashtag #BuildToGive.Girl and boy play with LEGOs

For every creation that is shared on social media under that hashtag, LEGO will donate a set to a child in need, explained QMS teacher Amanda Breheny.

“It gives them a way to create something, have a nice conversation and it gives them a way to help children around the world,” Breheny said. “They’re using technology for good. They are global impactors.”

Shannon Boreali, the program manager for the Capital Region Best Buddies, visited the Queensbury Middle School chapter of Best Buddies Thursday.Boys play with LEGOs

“Best Buddies is all about promoting friendships and inclusion, and a project like this, they are coming together to create something, which is super special,” Boreali said. “And also, they’re looking out for others, and that’s what Best Buddies is all about, having a buddy and making sure everyone feels included.”