Board of Education

The Queensbury Board of Education consists of nine members, each elected to a five-year term by the Queensbury community. This group of nine individuals works together as one entity to carry out the business of the district.

Queensbury Board of Education meetings are generally held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Queensbury Room at Queensbury High School.

Board responsibilities

The Board is responsible for the scope, depth and quality of education in the school district. As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board:

  • Defines the philosophy of the district;
  • Establishes policies for the operation of the district;
  • Determines educational goals and standards;
  • Authorizes curriculum revision or development;
  • Evaluates program effectiveness;
  • Employs professional educators, upon the Superintendent’s recommendation;
  • Develops budget recognizing educational needs and community resources; and
  • Communicates educational programs and needs to the community.

Board goals

The Queensbury Board of Education adopted the following goals for 2020-2024 in June 2020:

  1. All students will graduate prepared for college and careers, ready for civic engagement and committed to lifelong learning.
  2. All students will think critically and creatively, communicate in an inclusive manner, adapt as technology evolves and persevere through setbacks and adversity.
  3. All members of the school community will maintain a campus-wide environment that fosters safety, empathy and wellness.