Feb. 25, 2021 Meeting Minutes

A special meeting of the Queensbury School Board of Education was held via in person and Zoom on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021.

Call to order

President Mannix called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Mannix.

Members present

Daniel Mannix, Esq., President, Timothy Weaver, Vice President (virtual), Stacy Flaherty, Kathleen Holser, Francis Cabana, Patricia Belden (virtual), Michael Shea, Ph.D., Amy Molloy, Superintendent of Schools Kyle L. Gannon, Clerk of the Board Scott Whittemore

Members absent


Open forum

Public participation is encouraged.  Open Forums provide opportunities to address the Board of Education.  If you would like to comment during Open Forum, please type your full name in the chat bar.  When you are called upon to speak, please state your name, the organization you are representing, if applicable,  and the topic you would like to discuss.  Open Forum is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, with up to three minutes allocated to each speaker. The Board of Education appreciates public attendance and participation at meetings.

Protocols for virtual open forums

  • Participants who wish to speak during the Open Forum should type their full name and, if applicable, the organization they are representing in the chat bar.
  • Participants will be called upon in order of appearance in the chat bar.
  • The Director of Instructional Technology will announce each participant when it’s their turn and ask them to unmute themselves.
  • All speakers should identify themselves and the school-related matter/topic to be discussed.
  • A timer will be visible on screen to ensure the 3 minute time limitations are followed by each speaker.


  • Josh Vaugh – Sports
  • Katy Johnson – Sports
  • Brendan Harris – Sports
  • James Ward – Sports
  • Frank Miller – Sports

    Business items

    Motion by Mr. Weaver, seconded by Mrs. Flaherty to accept the resignation of Board of Education member Joseph Scriver, with sincere appreciation and regret, effective Feb. 22, 2021.

    8 voting in favor

    Educational items

    Motion by Mrs. Molloy, seconded by Dr. Shea to approve the following resolution:

    WHEREAS, on January 22, 2021, the Governor and the New York State Health Department authorized schools to operate certain high risk Fall 2 sports effective February 1, 2021 as may be permitted and authorized by local county health departments; and

    WHEREAS, the New York State Department of Health subsequently issued updated guidelines for the operation of sports related to high risk Fall 2 sports; and

    WHEREAS, New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and Section 2 have issued revised guidelines for Return to Interscholastic Athletics for the 2020-21 season: and

    WHEREAS, the effectiveness of this Resolution is pending the Warren County Public Health Director and School Physician’s approval for schools within Warren County to operate Fall 2 high risk sports; and

    WHEREAS, the Superintendent of Schools has shared with the Board the plan to provide Fall 2 high risk sports in accordance with all applicable New York State Department of Health, County Department of Health, and any applicable league health and safety requirements which will be implemented during all practices and games;

    IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED, that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Education hereby approves implementing the following high risk Fall 2 sports for the 2021 Fall 2 season:

    • Volleyball
    • Football

    subject to the following conditions: 

    1. The District has a plan approved by Warren County Public Health that contains the health and safety protocols that are in place to allow each specific Fall 2 sport to occur and the plan is approved by the School Physician;
    2. If at any time, the high school in-person or hybrid learning model transitions to remote only learning, there will not be any athletics during any period of remote only instruction; and
    3. All practices and contests will occur in accordance with all guidelines issued by New York State, Warren County, and NYSPHSAA/Section/League as such guidelines may be amended; and

    IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board hereby delegates to and authorizes the Superintendent to take any action he deems necessary and appropriate to ensure that such Fall 2 sports are implemented in a safe manner consistent with all applicable guidelines, and also authorizes the Superintendent to temporarily suspend District participation in any of the above Fall 2 sports, if the Superintendent deems such action necessary.

    8 voting in favor

    Educational consent items

    Motion by Mr. Weaver, seconded by Mrs. Belden to approve to approve Educational Consent Items.

    8 voting in favor

    Motion to approve the following coaching appointments for the 2020-21 Fall 2 Season:

    (Name, Sport, Group, Level)

    • Tyler Carey ,Varsity Volleyball, IA, 6
    • Kristen O’Connor, Asst. Volleyball, III, 2
    • Matt Crossman, Varsity Football, I, 6
    • Matt Miller, Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Dave Huth, Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Joel Brown, Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Joe Hubert, JV Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Adam Orr, JV Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Keith Element, JV Asst. Football, II, 6
    • Francisco Roca, Volunteer Assist Soccer
    • Heather Pietryka, Varsity Cheering, III, 6
    • Cheryl Pagano, Asst. Cheering, III, I

    Board member comments

    • Mrs. Flaherty commented on COVID 19 and the school district
    • Mrs. Holser commented on the negative conversation in the community related to sports
    • Mrs. Molly thanked BOE members

      Informational items

      • Thursday, March 4 – One Hour Late Arrival
      • Monday, March 8 – Board of Education meeting – 7:00 p.m.
        • Location: Queensbury Room
      • Friday, March 12 – School Related Services Recognition Day
      • Monday, March 22 – Board of Education Special Meeting / Budget Workshop / Tenure Review  – 7:00 p.m.

      Executive session


      Motion by Dr. Shea, seconded by Mrs. Molloy to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m.

      8 voting in favor

      Respectfully submitted,

      Scott Whittemore
      Clerk of the Board