March 23, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes

The special meeting of the Queensbury School Board of Education was held on March 23, 2020 as a Zoom Meeting.

Call to order

President Borgos called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Borgos.

Members present


  • Jill Borgos, Ph.D., President
  • Kathleen Holser, Vice President
  • Stacy Flaherty
  • Daniel Mannix, Esq.
  • Michael Shea, Ph.D.
  • Timothy Weaver
  • Amy Molloy (arrived at 7:20 p.m.)
  • Joseph Scriver


  • Superintendent of Schools Kyle L. Gannon
  • Clerk of the Board Scott Whittemore

Members absent

  • Patricia Belden

Others present

  • Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Denise Troelstra, High School Principal Damian Switzer, Middle School Principal Michael Brannigan, Middle School Assistant Principal Tiffany Montgomery, WHBI Principal Gwynne Cosh, Elementary School Principal Jessica Rossetti, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Rich Keys, Director of Student Support Services Kristine Bennett-Barnes, Larry Paltrowitz, Esq., School Attorney, Larry Chris, Michael Goot, and other employees and community members.



Open forum


Business items


Business consent items


Educational items


Educational consent items


Board committee reports


Board member comments

Dr. Borgos asked for Board Member Comments. Dr. Borgos thanked Mr. Gannon and staff for their swift response to the closing of school and institution of online learning programs.

Open forum


Informational items


Executive session

Motion by Mr. Scriver, seconded by Mrs. Holser to enter into executive session at 7:04 p.m. to discuss employment of particular individuals related to tenure review.

7 voting in favor, 2 absent (Mrs. Belden, Mrs. Molloy)

Motion by Mrs. Holser, seconded by Mr. Scriver to exit executive session and adjourn the meeting at 8:22 p.m.

8 voting in favor, I absent (Mrs. Belden, Mrs Molloy arrived at 7:20 p.m.)

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Whittemore
Clerk of the Board