Budget Presentation from Feb. 8 Board of Education meeting

The following information is from the budget presentation shared at the Feb. 8 Board of Education meeting.  You can view the presentation.

Included in the presentation, Superintendent for Business and Instruction Scott Whittemore  discusses the following topics:

Fiscal Health

NYS Comptroller Fiscal Stress

Fiscal stress scores are based on end-of-year results, and thus provide a baseline measurement of local governments’ and school districts’ ability to respond to the financial impact of the ongoing public health crisis. To learn more about Fiscal Stress, please visit the Office of the NYS Comptroller’s website.

  • 2017: 21.7
  • 2018: 13.3
  • 2019: 6.70
  • 2020: 6.70

State Aid

Foundation Aid 

2020-21: $15,336,764

2021-22: $15,336,764

Change: $0

Services Aid

2020-21: $4,728,141

2021-22: $4,239,507

Change: ($488,634)

Building Aid

2020-21: $4,237,195

2021-22: $4,694,763

Change: $457,568

Special Education Aid

2020-21: $848,738

2021-22: $744,196

Change: ($104,542)

Federal Aid

2020-21: $0

2021-22: $509,497

Change: $509,497


2020-21: $25,150,838

2021-22: $25,524,727

Change: $373,889

Additional information from the presentation 

  • Information from the presentation also detailed historical information from the 2007-08 Financial Crisis; a chart detailing the district’s operating surplus and deficit; enrollment trends; instructional expenses, health expenses, and tax revenues.
  • At upcoming budget workshops, staffing opportunities, debt savings and contractual commitments will be discussed.

We invite members of the community to join us at our next Board of Education meeting on March 8, 2021.

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