Capital Project 2021

On Dec. 14, 2021, Queensbury Union Free School District residents will head to the polls to vote on a $19.75 million capital improvement project.

The proposed project will address the district’s most immediate facility needs. This includes updates to aging infrastructure throughout the district’s school buildings, such as roofs and boilers. The project also includes district improvements, including the addition of a multi-use turf field, new playground equipment for WHBI and QES pool equipment upgrades.  

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Scope of Work


  • turf field
An aerial mock up of the turf field
A rendering of the multi-purpose turf field which would be used for baseball, softball, cheerleading, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, and physical education classes.

Queensbury Elementary School

  • partial roof replacement, exterior panels, pool equipment upgrades

A photo of the stained fascia exterior of the elementary school
Exterior panel improvements needed
A digital rendering of the elementary soffits
A digital rendering of the elementary soffits
A photo taken on the roof of the elementary building showing parts of the roof that are old and need to be replaced
Partial replacement of 1997 roof (includes removal and replacement of solar panels)

QES Pool Needs

A photo of a water stained pool ceiling
Floating ceiling upgrades
A photo of a broken pool starting block
Starting block replacement
A photo of an old pool pipe system
Heat exchanger and chemical system replacement
A photo of an old stained pool floor
Deck overlay upgrades
A photo of an old pool boiler
1993 Humification System upgrade
A rendering of the new pool at QES
A rendering of the QES pool upgrades

A re


  • roof replacement, boilers, playground equipment

A photo of an old WHBI boiler
Boiler replacement
A photo WHBI roof
WHBI roof replacement of 1998 (includes removal and replacement of solar panels)
A photo of the current WHBI playground
Playground equipment replacement
A rendering of the new WHBI playground
A rendering of the new WHBI playground

Queensbury Middle School

  • partial roof replacement and roof access, crawl space abatement

Photo of QMS science classroom
Science classroom upgrades
Photo of QMS science classroom
Science classroom upgrades
A rendering of the QMS science classroom
A rendering of the QMS science classroom upgrades
Photo of QMS roof
Partial replacement of 2000/2002 roof (includes removal/replacement of solar panels
Photo of trashcans catching water from a leaky QMS roof
Partial roof replacement needed
Photo of QMS crawlspace
Crawlspace asbestos abatement needed
Photo of QMS crawlspace door
Asbestos abatement needed

Transportation Building

  • bus lift replacement 
Photo of bus lift
Bus lift replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a capital improvement project?

A: Just like a home, school facilities need regular attention and upkeep to continue to operate year after year as originally intended. The cost of keeping up with the daily wear and tear caused by thousands of students, staff, and visitors can rise above what the annual school budget can support. Renovation projects, also referred to as capital improvement projects, are a way for school districts to access state aid to complete a larger amount of facilities work than possible within the scope of the annual school budget. 

Q: Why are we voting on this now?

A: The Board of Education seeks to continually make investments in the school buildings to provide a safe and competitive environment for students to learn. The elected school board recently completed a comprehensive building conditions survey with the district’s architectural firm. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) requires schools to comprehensively examine their buildings once every five years. It was discovered that several infrastructure items need to be addressed. This includes several roof systems and boiler systems. The pool at QES is also in major need of repair and renovation.

Q: How much would the project cost taxpayers?

A: The $19.75 million capital improvement project is expected to have little additional impact on future taxes. New York State distributes expense-driven building aid on school construction projects. Each school has a unique building aid ratio. For Queensbury, 70% of every dollar spent on construction will be paid for by taxes raised by the state of New York. In addition, the school district has budgeted monies for debt on previous capital projects. This debt is expiring over the next few years. The district can leverage the high building aid and current budget for debt service to invest in the school district’s future. Tax increases will not be required to fund the project.

Q: How would this project benefit the community?

A: To continue to best serve our students, our buildings need to be safe and efficient. This project ensures the upkeep of our quality facilities, keeping students first and foremost safe, and in a competitive environment for all students to learn. Along with keeping the district’s current facilities safe, the multi-purpose turf field, QES pool improvements and WHBI playground replacement will enhance the student learning experience.

Q: Why is a multi-purpose turf field included?

Over the last year, students have spent additional time in outdoor learning spaces. The multi-purpose turf field would allow students to use those fields more and for a longer season. The community’s investment in this multi-purpose turf field will support all of our sports programs by extending the length of the day with the accompaniment of lights, as well as extending the length of the season, with the turf field. During the day, all students would also have the opportunity to utilize the fields for physical education.