Class of 1982 tours their alma mater

Frank Finch remembers his first day of kindergarten fondly in the fall of 1969. “As I stepped off the bus, I remember a teacher lightly tugging at my shoulder and getting my picture taken.” Growing up in Queensbury, Finch and the class of 1982 had many memorable experiences, especially being a part of the National Christmas Tree that was proudly displayed at The White House. More than that, the entire class reminisced about participating in events, developing relationships, and getting to experience the joy of education. “As educators, it shows that it is vitally important to get people involved, and Queensbury educators have shown over the years that they excel at doing that,” Finch explained.

The Class of 1982 standing outside the Queensbury High School entrance.
The Class of 1982 standing outside Queensbury High School
Alumni wearing their sports jackets
Queensbury alumni wearing their sports jackets

As the class of 1982 walked down the hallways of Queensbury High School this past weekend, they were astonished to see fresh, modern design and how the new spaces allowed for improved learning. Even Senator Betty Little, who taught in Queensbury in the 1960’s was excited to see how much has been brought to the Queensbury School District. The group of more than thirty former students, former Principal Kneeshaw, and class Advisor Bizzoco expressed how impressed they were with seeing not only the High School, but the district through the perspective of now adult-eyes, and how those who have donated and tax dollars truly have made a positive impact. What resonated with me, was the communication after the tour when one alumni said, “forever blue and gold” and that’s what we want for all our students,” said Superintendent Kyle Gannon.

Class of 1982 Standing in the high school auditorium
The Class of 1982