Community Mental Health and Wellness Day a success!

On Wednesday, May 26, the WHBI participated in a dynamic Mental Health and Wellness Day.
There were three sessions throughout the day, where students virtually joined Queensbury alumni such as Delaney Silvernell, Dan Stec and Brett Rodriguez. The alumni talked to students about what they had to endure while chasing their dreams, how bullying affected them, and what they do to take care of their mental health. The sessions were organized and run by local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, 4s4life, which has a primary focus on helping combat mental health issues in our community. The sessions were facilitated by 4s4life CEO and Founder, Jacque Ecuyer.
After the students heard from Queensbury alumni, they were instructed in a wellness activity. Joseph Zakriski and Brayton Pendell of Atlas Jiu Jitsu showed the students a jiu-jitsu warm up, and yoga instructors, Johannah Spero and Tommie Burch showed the students some mindfulness, breathing and yoga poses. Stress balls were donated by TCT Federal Credit Union and were raffled off to 10 classrooms at the WHBI. The students enjoyed the sessions and learning more about what they can do to take care of their mental health.
Thank you to 4s4life, the Queensbury alumni presenters and the instructors for putting on this program for the WHBI!
Masked students do yoga in their classroom
Breathe in…and say cheese! WHIBI students strike a yoga pose during the May 26 Health and Wellness Day.