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District administration

District Office

429 Aviation Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

Kyle L. Gannon, Superintendent of Schools

Phone: (518) 824-5602 
Email: Kyle Gannon

Scott Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent for Business

Phone: (518) 824-5604
Email: Scott Whittemore

Denise Troelstra, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Phone: (518) 824-5602
Email: Denise Troelstra

Amy Georgeadis, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Recruitment

Phone: (518) 824-5614
Email: Amy Georgeadis

Ben Grieco, Director of Instructional Technology

Phone: (518) 824-5650
Email: Ben Grieco

Cheri Martindale, Director of Transportation

Phone: (518) 824-5660
Email: Cheri Martindale

Robyn Scotland, Director of Secondary Student Support Services

Phone: (518) 824-5694
Email: Robyn Scotland

Jessica Harris, Director of Elementary Student Support Services

Phone: (518) 824-5694
Email: Jessica Harris

Dan Miller, Director of Facilities & Operations

Phone: (518) 824-4630
Email: Dan Miller

Joshua Hodge, Food Services Director

Phone: (518) 824-3687 
Email: Josh Hodge

Richard Keys, Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

Phone: (518) 824-5688
Email: Richard Keys

Mike Brannigan, Director of Social and Emotional Learning and School Development

Phone: (518) 824-3605
Email: Mike Brannigan

Gretta Hochsprung, Communications Specialist

Phone: (518) 824-5637
Email: Gretta Hochsprung