COVID-19 Student Protocol Q&A updates

As the weather starts to get colder, will the windows in my child’s classroom stay open?

As per Warren County Public Health, in consultation with Albany County Department of Health and Needham Risk Management, windows can be closed during colder temperatures (starting now) due to the efficiency and effectiveness of our HVAC systems to provide the necessary levels of ventilation to mitigate risk.  

As per Needham Risk Management, “Queensbury Union Free School District’s educational spaces are equipped with unit ventilators, which are engineered to introduce outdoor fresh air to each classroom based on the level of occupancy in the rooms. The purpose of this ventilation is to dilute biological and chemical contaminants typically associated with occupancy inside. Our facilities department will ensure that the maximum amount of outdoor fresh air that can be introduced into the rooms based on the conditions of the system will be. It’s important to recognize that many of our spaces are not being fully occupied, meaning that the ventilation which is being provided to them is designed for a greater occupancy than we currently have, based on the requirements of physical distancing. Our facilities personnel also change and maintain the filters located in the unit ventilators on a preventative maintenance schedule.”   

What happens if my child begins having symptoms related to COVID-19?

Notify the building nurse and contact their healthcare provider for a diagnosis and for them to determine if they need a COVID-19 test. 

What happens if my child is symptomatic and sent for a COVID-19 Test? 

Your child will need to isolate and await the results of the test. If their healthcare provider requires a PCR (molecular) Test, you will need to wait for those test results (3-5 days). If their healthcare provider administers a Rapid (antigen) Test, you need to wait for those results (typically 15-30 minutes). 

How can my child return to school with a Negative Rapid Test result?  

Students who receive a negative Rapid COVID-19 Test can return to school under one of the following scenarios: 

  1. If your child still has symptoms, but they are improving and no fever has been present for 24 hrs, an alternate diagnosis from a healthcare provider that states “Non COVID-19 related” or another specific alternate diagnosis; OR
  2. If no symptoms and no fever for a minimum of 24 hours (Note: In this circumstance, you do not need an alternative diagnosis from your doctor)

Under what conditions can my child return to school if their symptoms have improved, they’re fever-free with a Negative Rapid Test but have not been given an alternative diagnosis (e.g. Non-COVID viral infection)?

  1. Medical clearance to return to school; OR
  2. Negative PCR Test result.

Can my child attend school if they are experiencing classic symptoms associated with a preexisting illness (e.g. migraine or allergies) and do not have a fever?  

If your child is exhibiting symptoms, even if they are consistent with a preexisting condition that mirrors the symptoms of COVID (e.g. fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea) with or without a fever, you should keep your child home until the preexisting illness is cleared by their healthcare provider.

Under what circumstances can my child return to school if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms but we choose not to see a healthcare provider or get COVID-19 tested?  

Your child must stay out of school until 10 calendar days have passed since the first symptoms appeared and they are fever free for 72 hours. If a parent/guardian chooses not to take their child to a healthcare provider, the District is required to consult with Warren County Public Health to determine if this should be recorded as a COVID positive case. 

What if I am worried about my child’s potential exposure (asymptomatic and has not been told to quarantine by public health) and I want my child to get tested? 

You can have your child receive a Rapid COVID-19 Test and your child can return to school if they are not experiencing any symptoms and are fever free.  

What if my child test positive for COVID-19?

Notify your building nurse and keep your child out of school until 10 calendar days have passed since the positive test or first symptoms appeared and they are fever free for 72 hours. A doctor’s note or clearance from public health must be provided to return to school. 

When should my child wear a mask?

  • Movement equals mask wearing
  • A mask must be worn at all times on a school bus
  • Must have a mask on if less than 6 ft apart from someone else
  • Mask should be worn at all times in a classroom, except for scheduled mask breaks

Does my child get mask breaks? 

  • In student occupied classrooms, mask breaks are allowed for 2 minutes or less, every other row, must be seated at a desk/table, should not have a speaking role when taking a mask break

What are the travel advisory updates? 

There have been modifications for quarantine restrictions on travelers arriving in New York State following out of state travel. As per the NYS Travel Advisory protocols, the travel guidelines require all New Yorkers, as well as those visiting from out-of-state, to take personal responsibility for compliance in the best interest of public health and safety. Please visit for details.