Counseling Services

The Queensbury K-12 Counseling Department philosophy is to assist in the educational, vocational, social and emotional needs of students as effectively as possible. The department encourages students to contribute in meaningful ways to our community through involvement in athletics, the arts, clubs and volunteer opportunities.

View the K-12 comprehensive school counseling program.

High School Counseling

Every student at Queensbury High School has the support of a school counselor in the process of planning their pathway throughout the high school years. Counselors assist with post-secondary planning towards college, employment or other vocational opportunities. Visit the high school counseling page.

Middle School Counseling

Counselors work with students individually, in small groups and within the classroom setting to support and assist them with their academic, social, emotional, behavioral and personal development. Counselors work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and other professionals in order to identify and minimize any barriers that stand in the way of student success. Visit the middle school counseling page.

Intermediate School Counseling

A counselor is available to address the personal, social, emotional and academic needs of all students. The counselor counsels, consults and collaborates with families providing strategies to improve academic, social and behavioral achievement. Visit the intermediate school counseling page.

Elementary School Counseling

Counselors are available to address the personal, social, emotional and academic needs of all students. The counselors work closely with the administration, staff and parents to help students feel confident, responsible and productive. Visit the elementary school counseling page.

Virtual Calm Room

This virtual Calm Room is to give students, staff, and QUFSD community members a place for tools and strategies to manage emotions or simply, take a break. Take a breath and remember you are not alone.