Food Services

Queensbury Union Free School District provides students and staff with a variety of well-balanced meal options inside school cafeterias. Cafeteria food services are provided by Aramark. School meals are nutritious, of high quality and follow federal dietary standards.

Meal prices and paymentMeal charge policy

Meal prices and payment® allows parents to make deposits into their child’s school meal account online or via a mobile app (Android and Apple).

With MySchoolBucks, parents can check balances, review transaction history and receive low balance alerts at home or work. Deposit money for all your children in one transaction (up to $120 per child), and the money is credited at school by the next morning. MySchoolBucks deposits have a convenience fee of $1.95 per transaction.

Breakfast prices

  • K-12: $1.25
  • Adult: $2.75 (+ tax)

Lunch prices

  • K-5: $2.25
  • 6-12: $2.40
  • Adult: $4.35 (+ tax)


  • K-12: $0.55 (no reduced price)

Free and reduced-price meals

Children who meet federal income guidelines may be eligible to receive full schools meals for free. 

Meal charge policy 

Although payment for school meals is typically due at the time of the sale (through a prepaid balance, cash or some other means), Queensbury Union Free School District recognizes that at times, students are unable to make this payment for a variety of reasons. The district has established a school meal charge policy to provide clear information about how these situations will be handled, including steps designed to avoid any embarrassment of children.

View full meal charge board policy