Dir. of Social & Emotional Learning

Minimum Qualifications:

NYS Certification – SDA or SDL

Preferred Requirements: 

Evidence of a minimum of 5 years of successful professional employment experience in education, including teaching, counseling,  psychology, supervision, and administration. Familiarity and a demonstrated passion for social and emotional learning and wellness.  Strong background in professional learning development and delivery for school improvement.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.  

Reports to:

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction 

Purpose of Position:

The Director of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and School Development establishes protocols and procedures, collaboratively with administrators, faculty, and staff, to ensure the effective implementation of a systemic SEL program to best support the needs of all students, faculty, and staff.   This position will supervise SEL projects such as district wide trainings and SEL curriculum and programs, while maximizing organizational learning on related best practices. This position will collaborate with key SEL stakeholders such as students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents/guardians, and community partners and will oversee district wide school development initiatives to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity.  


  • Instructional Leadership:
    • Provides leadership and direction toward ensuring that all students develop the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in school and life;
    • Leads the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive approach to SEL while ensuring that all programs align with district priorities;
    • Maintains close collaborative relationships with building and district  administrators and supports principals in crisis situations involving students and/or faculty/staff;
    • Provides information, resources, and assistance to faculty regarding SEL development and implementation;
    • Collaborates with administrators, K-12 Guidance Department Chair, and other school staff in working with students who experience personal, social and/or emotional issues that prevent students from achieving in the classroom setting;
    • Coordinates and compiles, with the assistance of the Technology Department, SEL related data;
    • Analyzes related data collected by the District on SEL (e.g. climate survey) to assess effectiveness, areas of progress and targets for improvement, assets with  identifying action steps to best support students in moving SEL initiatives forward;
    • Analyzes data and practices to promote equity in leveling and course enrollment PreK-12, including, but not limited to honors and advanced placement courses and academic electives, as well as extracurricular activities;
    • Works with administrators and teachers to remove barriers and provide an equitable educational opportunity for all students;
    • Performs teacher walkthroughs, unannounced and announced observations.
  • Professional Learning and School Improvement
    • Works with the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional to provide programing and training opportunities in the area of wellness and social emotional learning;
    • Collaborates with the Professional Learning Committee to provide guidance on professional learning opportunities;
    • Facilitates district-wide SEL initiatives in regard to professional learning;
    • Evaluates the effectiveness of SEL initiatives and impact on the District goals;
    • Provides coaching support to administrators, faculty and staff to improve student SEL experiences and school climate and culture; 
    • Assists with developing relevant curricula that incorporates diverse perspectives, materials, and texts and that supports the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students;
    • Assists with addressing biases, stereotypes, inaccuracies, and absent perspectives in curricular content;
    • Trains faculty on facilitating intergroup dialogue;
    • Utilizes a wide range of instructional and assessment strategies to enhance student learning and understanding;
    • Provides learning opportunities for students to develop an understanding of themselves and others who are culturally different;
    • Fosters critical thinking and reflective analysis from various perspectives;
    • Promotes equal access and opportunities to all students to fully participate and contribute regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other identity;
    • Oversees equity, diversity and inclusivity initiatives and provides district-wide support and coordinates/facilitates professional learning opportunities to staff.
  • Personnel and Employee Relations:
    • Assists with the training and mentoring of newly assigned/hired faculty/staff members in their SEL development, as appropriate;
    • Attends faculty and staff meetings on a regular basis;
    • Assists with the promotion of the District’s Employee Assistance Program;
    • Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and
    • Recruitment to support principals and other administrators/supervisors in working with faculty/staff who experience personal, social and/or emotional issues that prevent them from effectively performing their duties.
  • School and Community Relationships:
    • Coordinates parent outreach and parent involvement in the development of SEL programs and initiatives;
    • Develops a plan with protocols and procedures to create, develop, and foster community partnerships and parent engagement; 
    • Oversees, coordinates, and/or leads parent university trainings/programs;
    • Provides encouragement and information for parental participation in the education process;
    • Ensures communication with appropriate advocacy groups regarding SEL issues;
    • Collaborates with community agencies to provide coordinated supports and services to families within the District’s SEL process;
    • Manages and evaluates external partnerships related to student SEL experiences and develops additional opportunities for new organizational relationships 
    • Works with other local and state agencies and organizations, both public and private, to support students;
    • Participates as a member of the district administrative team.
  • Other Duties
    • Collaborates with the Communications Department to create short and long SEL communication goals to ensure a high level of stakeholder engagement and access to resources;
    • Attends evening events/activities as necessary and/or required; 
    • Provides regular updates and presentations to the Superintendent, administrators, and Board, as appropriate; 
    • Attends professional meetings, reads professional journals and other publications, and discusses problems of mutual interest with others in the field;
  • Participates and supports the District Strategic Plan, District K-12
  • Comprehensive Counseling plan and Board Goals; 
  • Collaborates and seeks input from the K-12 Counseling Dept. chair and school counselors, social workers, and school psychologists.
  • Participates in building department meetings, district-level meetings, Board meetings, and other meetings as required and/or appropriate;
  • Collaborates with district administration to allocate resources to support the school lunch program and systems supporting the FRPL program.
  • Responds to written and oral requests for information related to SEL and school development;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.