•  Character Education

    At Queensbury Elementary School, we focus on four major character traits throughout the year - respect, caring, cooperation, and responsibility, using four super heroes to introduce these concepts to our students. The super heroes are named: Ranger Respect, Captain Caring, Cooperation Crusader, and Responsibility Rockstar. Instruction about the four character traits is embedded in daily routines and curriculum in numerous ways - morning meetings, read alouds, conflict mediation, lessons, etc.

    Using a school-wide behavior matrix to teach about respect, caring, cooperation, and responsibility ensures that we are all communicating our expectations clearly and consistently to students. The QES guidance team is an integral part of our efforts to assist students in developing their character. They conduct individual meetings and/or small group sessions on topics such as making friends and managing conflict.

    The QES school motto is, “Work hard, do your best, achieve your dreams at QES.”
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