Health Department

  • The registered nurses of Queensbury Union Free School District believe that a healthy child in a safe and healthy environment is the best learner. The Health Department supports student success and helps them reach their maximum health potential in the school setting by providing:

    • Timely and accurate nursing assessment for students and staff.
    • Intervention that is appropriate.
    • Evaluation and referral for students and colleagues.

    The Health Department also contributes to a healthy school environment for all through:

    • Infection control,
    • Accident prevention,
    • Health promotion/education and
    • Collaboration with school and community resources.

    Health Screenings at School

    The Health Department performs school-based health screenings that are mandated by New York state. Learn more about school-based health screenings.

    Keep Your Child's Health Status Up to Date

    Please keep your school nurse updated on your child's health status, such as surgeries, medications, illness/diseases, new diagnoses or other conditions that may affect your child's school performance. Please make sure the emergency card is completed, signed and updated as needed.

    Know When to Keep Your Child Home

    Is my child too ill to attend school? Parents are often confronted with this decision when a child complains of not feeling well. Here are some guidelines to help you with your decision:

    • Fever - 100 degrees or higher - should not attend school and should be free of fever 24 hours before returning to school.
    • Sore Throat/Colds/Coughs - Minor cold symptoms are common and usually don't interfere with school attendance.
    • Rash - Accompanied with other symptoms such as fever/sore throat/vomiting should not attend school.
    • Vomiting and Diarrhea - A child should be free from vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.
Beds and a wheelchair in the elementary school nurses' office