Transportation Department

  • The Queensbury Transportation Department is dedicated to transporting students to and from school safely every day. In fact, American students are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus than in cars with their parents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Queensbury bus drivers have an outstanding safety record, which is tracked by New York State. They receive rigorous training and refresher courses each year.

    A team of mechanics work to ensure Queensbury school buses reliably provide students with a safe, timely and efficient mode of transportation. The state Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has rated the Queensbury program among the best in the state, citing an In-Service rate greater than 90 percent for district buses.

    Transportation Job Opportunities

    Queensbury school bus drivers enjoy competitive hourly rates, great benefits, summers off and part-time hours. Get details on current job opportunities with the Transportation Department.

    Driver Safety Tips: STOP on Red

    Following are some tips for drivers who encounter school buses along their commutes.

    • Never pass a stopped school bus when its lights are flashing. Flashing yellow lights are a warning that the bus is preparing to stop and load or unload students. Be prepared to stop. When the red lights are flashing, you must stop. This includes all roadways and any place on campus, including parking lots.
    • Watch for children after they leave the bus - they can be impulsive and unpredictable.
    • Buses do not turn right on red.
    • Vehicles that pass a bus while the red lights are flashing will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the Warren County Sheriff's Department.
Teachers help a student get off of a school bus
  • Contact Information

    Director of Transportation
    Cheri Martindale
    421 Aviation Road
    Queensbury, New York 12804
    Phone: 518-824-5660
    Fax: 518-824-5655