Queensbury Board of Education Members

The Queensbury Board of Education stands inside the Glens Falls Civic Center
  • The Queensbury Board of Education members are pictured from left, with the year that each member's term expires indicated in parantheses:
    The Board of Education president and spokesperson is Dr. Jill Borgos. To contact Dr. Borgos and the Board of Education, please email boepresident@queensburyschool.org or call (518) 824-5602. 
    Responsibilities of the Board
    The Board is responsible for the scope, depth and quality of education in the school district. As the official policy-making body of the school district, the Board:
    • Defines the philosophy of the district
    • Establishes policies for the operation of the district
    • Determines educational goals and standards
    • Authorizes curriculum revision or development
    • Evaluates program effectiveness
    • Employs professional educators, upon the Superintendent's recommendation
    • Develops budget recognizing educational needs and community resources
    • Communicates educational programs and needs to the community