• Queensbury Board of Education

    • The Queensbury Board of Education consists of nine members, each elected to a five year term of office by the Queensbury community.

    • This group of nine individuals works together as one entity to carry out the business of the district.

    • No individual Board member may speak for the Board outside of a Board meeting unless granted that authority by the Board. The Board has granted that authority to the Board President. Outside of Board meetings individual Board members can speak as private citizens and are not barred from doing so by any Board policy.

    • Board members elect a President and Vice President each July to serve for the following school year. The Vice President fills in for the President during his/her absence.

    • The Board meets bi-monthly.
      • The regular BOE meeting is for the purpose of conducting school business, and is generally held on the second Monday of each month.
      • The second meeting is a workshop scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month planned by the BOE specifically for members to learn more about topics of their choosing depending on current issues.
    • Board meetings are open to the public under the Open Meetings Law, but they are not public meetings or meetings of the public. They are meetings of the Board to conduct the business of the district.

    • The agenda for each meeting is posted on our website no later than the day of the meeting.  

    • The Board Agenda includes two Open Forums for the public to speak at each regular meeting, one at the beginning and one at the end.

    • The Board establishes policy for the district and reviews each policy on a regular basis to ensure that they are up-to-date and pertinent to the current issues.

    • Currently there are nearly 200 Board policies for the Queensbury Union Free School District, all of which are available online.
  • What is a Board of Education?


    The Board of Education establishes official policy and sets goals for the school district. Board decisions can be made only by the Board acting as a whole in a public meeting. No individual member may bind the Board to a particular course of action and as your elected representatives, Board Members insure that the school remains responsive to the needs of the community by serving as a link between school and community. In New York State, a school board member serves as a State official. The Board's powers are derived from the State Constitution, laws of New York State and rulings of the Commissioner of Education.

    Each July, the Board holds its annual reorganization meeting. At this time, board members select a president, vice-president and appoint a district clerk who prepares and maintains all board records, correspondence, and minutes. The clerk is also responsible for publishing and processing all legal notices and documents. Other appointed officials who serve the Board include a treasurer and tax collector. Board committees are appointed by the Board President.