Energy Conservation

  • As of spring 2015, Queensbury schools have reduced their energy impact as much as if 1,039 cars stayed off the road for an entire year! 

    That’s a big impact for an energy program that has helped Queensbury Union Free School District avoid $2,131,133 in energy costs between July 2009 and January 2016. This total includes nearly $98,000 in savings generated in one year after the installation of 896 solar panels on the roofs of each of the four school buildings and the Transportation Building.
    The district launched a comprehensive energy conservation and management program, in partnership with Cenergistic (formerly Energy Education, Inc.), in 2009 to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. Now an in-district energy specialist monitors energy usage and continues to take steps to help the school community practice better energy usage and conservation. A few examples of those steps include:
    • Not using lights or HVAC systems in rooms and hallways during unoccupied times.
    • Turning off electronics when they're not in use.
    • Adjusting HVAC settings based on exterior weather.
    • The installation of more energy efficient structures and systems across the campus through capital projects.
    • Monitoring and maintaining existing equipment for energy efficient operation. 
    For the environment, the cumulative impact is equal to preventing the release of 4,988 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere or growing 127,906 trees for 10 years! In the upstate New York climate, 10 years is how long it takes to grow the average 6' tree.
    Queensbury UFSD is recognized as an ENERGY STAR partner by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This designation recognizes a district-wide commitment to energy conservation and efficiency. Teachers, support staff, administrators, students and visitors have all practiced conservation measures, in one form or another, to help make this possible.
    Community members can join in the effort by using GreenQuest, a free energy tracking program for households. 

    Curt Harrington and a US Light Energy technician discuss the solar panels on QES  
  •  Curt Harrington speaks with US Lights and Energy Field Technician Rick Palmer
     GreenQuest energy tracking for households
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