Testing and the New York State Assessments

  • All New York students in grades 3-8 take standardized tests in math and English language arts (ELA) in the spring. The New York State Education Department made several changes to those tests (PDF), in response to concerns shared by parents and educators. Some of the changes were to the testing experience, while others had more to do with test development and administration as well the use of test results. 
    There are also statewide science tests for students in grades 4 and 8, which are typically held after the math and ELA exams.

    At the high school level, students take state Regents exams in a variety of subjects in January and June.
    State tests provide an overall picture of student performance across the state. The results also help schools identify students' academic strengths and weaknesses. Though testing does not fully reflect a student's capabilities, it can help teachers and parents work together to maximize the benefits the student receives from his/her education. WATCH how assessments are used in classrooms across New York

  • State Test Results
    Parents have access to their child's scores on grades 3-8 assessments through the SchoolTool Parent Portal and through individual student reports typically mailed in late fall.
    State Test Schedule: 2018-19 School Year

    English Language Arts (ELA) Assessment, grades 3-8

    • April 3 and 4

    Math Assessment, grades 3-8

    • May 1 and 2

    Regents Exams 

    • January 22-25
    • June 18-21 and June 24-26