Queensbury High School Curriculum Handbook 2020-21

  • Principal’s Message
    This curriculum handbook is provided for students and their parents as a guide to educational planning. The course selection process is an important part of students’ future academic development and employment plans. Queensbury High School offers numerous pathways to graduation. Students should develop a college and career readiness plan to ensure future success. They will be asked to assess future options, their academic strengths and weaknesses, and their personal academic preferences and goals.

    In addition, all students will need to plan and complete those courses and New York State Regents Examinations that are required to earn a high school diploma. It is imperative that students choose their courses carefully to be in compliance with graduation requirements.

    We have devised a course selection process that will provide the resources and information to assist students with important decisions. Teachers, department chairs and school counselors are available to provide any assistance needed as students and parents select courses and plan a program.

    The curriculum handbook has been prepared in an effort to assist students as they strive for success in high school. We hope to enable students to maximize the high school experience and to develop their talents through both the academic and extracurricular program. Please keep this handbook available for reference purposes throughout the school year.
    Damian Switzer
    Queensbury High School Principal 
    QHS Counseling Center’s Message
    Every student at Queensbury High School has the support of a school counselor in the process of planning their pathway throughout the high school years. Counselors assist with graduation planning and support college, work or vocational decisions. The student’s involvement begins the first day of high school, when the counselor becomes an advocate and can guide each individual toward essential resources to become college and career ready. Informed decisions need to be made by students and their families throughout high school, and our counselors are ready to work with you.

    Our philosophy is to assist in the educational, vocational, social and emotional needs as effectively as possible. Our office encourages students to contribute in meaningful ways to our community through involvement in athletics, clubs and volunteer opportunities. The High School Counseling Center shares unique opportunities with the student body as they become available. We encourage parents/guardians to be active members of their student’s academic and scheduling process. Appointments with a member of the counseling staff may be made by calling (518) 824-4604.
    Queensbury High School Counseling Center Staff

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